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All about the latest smartphones

Mobile phones are becoming more and closer to becoming a necessity of life. The things we can do with them and the fact that they can save our lives.

A lot of people that would have died if there were no phones were able to manage to make a phone call during an emergency and without the call, they would be no more. Some apps cater to virtually every aspect of human lives that you can install on a smartphone such as health apps and budget apps among others.

A smartphone is a phone that performs most of the functions a computer can perform including having an operating system you can install apps on, having internet access and a touchscreen interface among others.

What are the most popular Smartphones?

The most popular smartphones currently are those that run on Android and those that run on iOS operating systems.

The smartphones that run on the iOS operating system are all developed by Apple and are the second most popular types of smartphones in the world only behind those that run on Android Operating System.

The Android Operating System has several companies that create a phone that runs on them including Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei among others. The implication is that you have more choices.

What kinds of Smartphones are there?

There are many different kinds of smartphones based on the manufacturer of the smartphone as well as the operating system that runs on the phone.

However, the two most popular and commonly used operating systems are Android and iOS.

There are also different makers of smartphones across the world. In the past, some smartphones ran on Java, Symbian, and Windows operating systems. However, there are currently only Android, Apple, and Windows.

How important are online reviews when choosing a Smartphone?

When you want to choose a smartphone, you want to know about the capability, quality, durability, and affordability of the phone before buying it.

Reviews come in handy in helping get all of this information not from the company who are hoping to make sales but from users who have either enjoyed using the product or not.

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