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ThunderVPN: Free and Secure Android-only VPN

Phishing, identity theft, and account takeover are just some of the activities hackers can do when they gain access and steal your private information.

If you use the internet all the time, whether, for business, research, entertainment, or bill payment, these malicious activities can be a huge source of worry, especially if you frequently use public Wi-Fi hotspots, such as cafés, airports, or hotels.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN can help address your concerns. When you connect your smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet to a VPN server, all your web traffic is encrypted and goes through a secure tunnel, which cannot be viewed or accessed by any third-party trying to monitor your browsing history. Not only does a VPN let you remain anonymous while using the internet, but it also allows you to access geo-restricted websites in any location as long as there are VPN servers servicing the area.

Thunder VPN offers an Android-only VPN application that promises to deliver fast, free and secure VPN service.

About Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is created by Signal Lab, which is also the developer of Secure VPN, another free VPN service provider. Thunder VPN is registered in Arkansas, however, its zip code is in California. 

While this may just be an error, it is noteworthy that the location of a VPN service is essential as it will provide users information about what VPN service-related laws the company must follow. However, as Thunder VPN is registered in the United States, which is under 5/9/14 jurisdiction, the company may be legally obliged to collect and submit user information by the authorities when necessary.

Pricing and Subscription Plans 

Thunder VPN has a free version that requires no configuration. You only need to download the app, and Thunder VPN has a free version that requires no configuration. You only need to download the app, and then you can use their VPN service at no cost.

However, Thunder VPN also offers three VIP plans. The annual plan costs $59.99, the monthly plan costs $9.99, and they also have a weekly VIP plan that costs $5.99. The VIP plan includes additional features such as no ads, faster connection, and worldwide location. You can try the VIP plan for free for three days.


When you go to Thunder VPN’s main page, you will see a link to Google Play where you can download the app. Other than this link and their Terms of Service, there is not much information that can be found on their website. The following are the features indicated on the Thunder VPN website.

Free Forever

As mentioned above, you can use Thunder VPN for free by downloading the app on Google. The app is compatible with Android 5.0 devices and works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Thunder VPN offers unlimited bandwidth for free, which is a great deal compared to other VPN service providers, which offer this feature at a minimal cost.

No Registration Required

Once installed, there is no registration, configuration, or any additional permissions required. You can start using the VPN and connect to the internet.

Worldwide Server Locations

Thunder VPN claims that they have a global network of servers located in the United States, Europe, and Asia. However, the number of servers and server locations are not disclosed.

No Logging or Tracking of User Data

Thunder VPN indicates in their Privacy Policy that they “do not collect or log traffic or browsing activity from individual users connected to our VPN.” However, when you register on their website, you need to provide certain personal information, billing and email address, and payment information.

When you use the app, Thunder VPN’s Privacy Policy also indicates that they may collect information such as the following:

  • IP Address
  • Internet Service Provider
  • OS Version
  • Language of the Device
  • App Identifier
  • App Version
  • Independent Device Identifier
  • Ad Identifier
  • Device Manufacturer and Model
  • Email Address
  • Time Zone
  • Network State (Wi-Fi)
  • Times when connected to their service
  • Choice of server location
  • The total amount of data transferred per day

Thunder VPN explains that they store the above data to ensure that they can deliver the best possible VPN service to you. It is also mentioned in the Privacy Policy that Thunder VPN may send the said data to a third party data analytics provider to check for errors and bugs in their app.

Customer Support

When you click on “Signal Lab” at the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to Google Mail. Apart from this, there is no other available contact option, should you have any inquiry about their service or need any help with using the app.


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