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What is a Proxy Server?

A Proxy Server acts like a middle man or a messenger that removes footprints between the browser and the website, and vice versa. The Proxy facilitates private and secure web browsing, however, it can also enable the user to surpass protocols such as accessing web destinations which may be prohibited, either on their network or within their physical destination due to country regulations. A Proxy server takes the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, then scrambles and camouflages it within an undetectable IP address to provide the user with anonymity.


Types of Proxies

Proxies come in several forms that serve varied purposes and are selected based on the user requirements:

  1. Forward proxies are the most common type for individual use and are selected for privacy purposes by the user. Child Mode settings and Virtual Private Network (VPN) are fine examples of forwarding proxies.
  2. Reverse Proxies are most commonly placed in front of extremely popular websites to regulating traffic and mitigate errors. 
  3. Other types of proxies are specific to user needs such as anonymous, rotating or transparent proxies to name a few. 

Proxies are devices that are strictly software only, engineered by software developers and sold to the user. Some of the most reliable brands include:

  1. Smart Proxy
  2. Instant Proxies
  3. High Proxies
  4. SSL Private Proxies
  5. Proxy Hub
  6. Blazing SEO
  7. Proxy n VPN
  8. Oculus Proxies
  9. Leave Proxies
  10. Save Dirt Proxies
  11. Cookies Proxies
  12. Chi Proxies


Proxy Reviews

Businesses lay large claims as to what their products offer in regards to usability, quality, and longevity. Unfortunately, users can only gain real insight into the product after thorough use without any guarantee of the claims laid by the brand itself. Hence reading reviews on other users’ experiences helps you make a decision on what the best product is for your particular use, without wasting money on a brand that may be providing misleading information to induce you towards purchasing their product. 

On the other hand, providing reviews of products you have experience with, can help fellow consumers make better decisions in their buying process. However, both positive and negative reviews are equally vital to share publicly. The reason being, it not only steers the shopper in the right direction but also aids businesses in improving their products and services in order to meet the customer needs.

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