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Product Keys

What is a Product Key?

A product key is a software-based key consisting of a group of letters and numbers used when a computer software program is installed and shows proof that the product is the original. A product key acts as an activation code that is traded upon purchase of the program. Generally, a product is only meant for one installation, but some product keys are allowed to be used multiple times under the condition that they are used at the same time. When considering the effectiveness of product key development, they are ultimately generated using an alphanumeric code easy to crack and distribute for private profit. Common product keys that are copyrighted and found on websites are free Windows 8.1 product keys, Windows server 2012 R2 product keys, Windows 98 product keys, and Windows vista product keys, and the Microsoft 365 product key hack.


Types of Product Keys

Product keys come in different codes including custom product keys, Volume MAK (Multiple Activation Key), VL 1 keys, KMS (Key Management Service) Volume keys, RTL retail product key, static activation keys, OEM keys, AAA retail keys, and AV2 product keys for Academic Alliance programs. 

The following product keys use the above-mentioned product key types:

  • Sims 4 product keys
  • Euro Truck Simulator ETS 2 product keys
  • Auto desk 2016 product keys
  • Flight simulator x product key
  • Nintendo switch product keys
  • Visual studio 2010 product keys
  • D&D Beyond product keys


Product Keys Reviews

Reading product key reviews are important as they provide a guideline for which product keys are safe to purchase and download. If you are downloading product keys online, you are taking the risk with an attack of malware causing a virus on your computer. 

For this reason, writing reviews will serve as a lesson for computer users to follow and safely download programs using product keys directly from the license generator and not any third party. 

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