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E-commerce is also called electronic commerce and it is the selling and buying of goods or services electronically on the web. It also refers to many other online activities that include online auctions, banking, and ticketing. Nowadays, e-commerce is an important part of every business that relies on the sale of services or physical items online.

Besides this, e-commerce is essential to every business that sells its products and services online. It has become a great part of the economy. E-commerce provides businesses the ability to connect with more customers than the normal retail reaches. 

Nowadays, majority of the people make their purchases online, as it is becoming the fastest-growing retail market. E-commerce provides customers an easy and more convenient way to shop for products or services that they require without having to visit a retailer’s physical shop to buy a product. 

About Xsellco Company

Xsellco is a useful eCommerce platform that supports all your online customers in one place. It empowers online sellers of all shapes and sizes to manage feedback, customer experience, and pricing.

The company was founded by an Irish technology entrepreneur named Ray Nolan in 2012. The headquarter of Xsellco is located in Dublin, Ireland. No matter you are selling on your own site or on other several marketplaces all over the world, Xsellco products centralize your customer problems, help you to sell more, and also increase your reviews. Xsellco contains the world’s top eCommerce eDesk, helpdesk, and the fastest Amazon repricer. 

The company has more than thirty-five (35) channels to improve ratings and centralize support. The company strives to provide the best eCommerce solutions to its customers through trusted partnerships that include Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Allegro, Shopify, Amazon, Google Shopping, and many more.

The company not only provideS smarter and faster customer support, but retailers can also benefit from many other products that include Feedback, which offers targeted review requests to enhance seller ratings. 

eDesk allows online retailers to immediately receive and reply to messages from clients. The company provides amazing customer care service to its clients and its main aim is to provide premium quality products to fulfill all the requirements of its customers. 

What Products does Xsellco Sell?

Xsellco offers a variety of products to its customers on its official website. They have arranged their products in different categories and sub-categories for the ease of their visitors on their site.

Their categories are given below:

  • Solutions
  • Blogs
  • Resources
  • Pricing


Xsellco provides some solutions to its customers that are given below:


eDesk is the world’s top eCommerce help desk. It has many features and integrations that enable a person to support faster and sell more items.


Repricer provides quick, automated, and effortless repricing to its clients. You can also get a chance to win the Buy Box with the quickest automated repricer for amazon. It dynamically sets the costs of the products and allows the retailers to increase their revenues.


Anyone can improve their online seller ratings by automatically reaching out to their clients. You have to attract more reviews no matter what and where you sell. More stars show more feedbacks and reviews. You can target positive reviews with selective requests on different platforms that include eBay, Amazon, Trustpilot, and many more.


The company also offers some resources that are listed below:

  • Guides & Books
  • Xsellco Presents
  • Webinars
  • Case Studies
  • KnowledgeBase
  • Free seller tools

Xsellco Services

The company offers many fantastic services to its customers and some of them are given below:

Deals and Discounts

The company offers many amazing deals and discounts to its customers occasionally. So you can get your favorite products at the lowest possible prices.


Xsellco’s customer support team willingly listens to all of your complaints and they immediately try to solve them. In case you are not satisfied with your order or you have any other issue, you can contact them at ([email protected]) and they will get back to you with a solution.

Guides & Books

The company provides guides and books to its customer to under their business and eCommerce. Their books and guides help customers to sell more of their products at higher prices. 

Webinars & Case studies

They also provide case studies and webinars to show you an insight into their business. Their case studies show how Xsellco helps different businesses to grow and remain competitive.

How to Reach the Company

You can reach the company in so many ways. The simplest way is to visit their official website (www.xsellco.com) and then place your order by adding your favorite products to your cart. Then you have to follow the procedure to ship your order to your address. For more information about deals and promotions, you can also visit the company’s social media pages that include:

  • Facebook: Xsellco
  • Twitter: Xsellco
  • Youtube: eDesk
  • LinkedIn: eDesk

Contact Information

If you have any queries regarding your order or anything else you can easily contact the company. The contact information of the company is given below:

New York Headquarter

  • Address: 280 Madison Avenue, #912 – 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016
  • Phone Number: +1 917 688 2333

London Headquarter

  • Phone Number: +44 20 3322 4848

Dublin Headquarter

  • Address: Two Haddington Buildings, Haddington Rd, Dublin, D04 HE94
  • Contact Number: (01) 676 0777

Live Chat Service

The company also offers a live chat service to its clients so if you have any questions or you need to know anything then you can live chat with Xsellco’s representative. 

  • Timings: Available 24/7



Xsellco is an online platform that supports your customers, increases your reviews,  ratings. It helps you to manage your customer experience, feedback, and your product pricing. It gathers your all online customers in one place. The company has more than 35 channels to centralize support. 

You can easily buy their products as it can make your business much easier. The company provides so many resources to their clients that include guides and books, webinars, Case studies, and blogs. You can go through them to know about the company and its products. They also provide step by step guide for beginners. 

Before buying anything online, it is important to read all the reviews of people. By reading online reviews, you get to know about the quality, services, and many things regarding the company and the products. So after buying a product from BestBuy you also write a review about it, so people can learn from your experience. 


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