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What is an app?

An application or commonly known as an app is a software application or computer program that is designed to function on a mobile phone or a computer to perform tasks and provide entertainment. Once an application has been opened, an operating system runs until the opened application is closed. Multiple opened apps can run at the same time in the background known as multitasking while you are using one app. Apps are ultimately the foundation of the mobile economy and are available on the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore. Apps have also contributed an immense amount to multiple industries that thrive off advertisements. For example, the social media industry has generated an estimated revenue of $102 billion in the last fiscal year with a variety of apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


Types of Apps

Apps have been designed to fit three types; native, hybrid, and web apps. A native app is designed to be used with one platform and operating systems such as Android, IOS, or Microsoft Windows. Secondly, a hybrid app is designed using the HTML5 computer application and runs like a native app but through a web browser. Finally, a web app converts to a website app design when accessed on a mobile device.


Apps have been created to serve a purpose for Social Media, Games and Entertainment, Education, Business and Finances, E-commerce, Utilities, Productivity, Travel and Navigation. Although Apps have been designed to fall into these main categories, they have also been created for other purposes. A few examples of practical apps may include apps like Offerup which allows you to purchase items locally and apps like Monkey allow you to interact with strangers in video chats.

Various other apps include the following:

  • Teen dating apps
  • Ucf apps
  • Cheating apps
  • Adult apps
  • Anime Icon Apps
  • Apps for drivers
  • Uncle Apps
  • Sugar daddy apps that send money
  • EZ School Apps


App Reviews

As they determine how high an app ranks in search results, writing reviews and rating apps contribute to the profits for app developers. App reviews also help consumers to decide which products to purchase and which apps are safe to download on the app product pages.

When you read reviews, you also learn about some warnings about glitched apps and technical guides on how to use certain features of apps. This will increase your knowledge and strategies to use in other apps as well.

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