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What is Anti-Virus Software?

Anti-Virus Software has been designed to protect users from cyber threats that may be harmful to the user’s device, make them vulnerable to false advertisements or put their personal information at risk of being stolen and misused. 

Cyber Security these days is a standard safety measure implemented by the majority of web browsers. Once installed, comprehensive antivirus protection operates in the background as a firewall to protect the hardware from cyber attacks that occur at any given time. 

Cyber Attacks come in three common forms:

  1. Malware: Short for malicious software that is created by cybercriminals to insert harmful viruses that corrupt the hardware of a device. Trojan horses are fine examples of malware. 
  2. Spyware is a type of software that attaches itself to a device operating system with the purpose of altering what the user sees, such as fake advertisements.
  3. Phishing attacks trick the user into providing personal information to misuse for purposes of identity fraud or even theft. This threat often occurs when you allow chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.


The best Antivirus software

Antivirus software works as an ongoing mechanism for security, given that hackers and cybercriminals are constantly building and distributing new viruses. The best antivirus software systems work to detect potential viruses hidden under inconsistent file structures. They run regular scans on the device to find unknown threats and they keep the firewall burning to keep out aggressive cyber attacks. 

The 10 Best Anti-Virus Software brands on the market in 2021 are:

  1. Heimdal Security
  2. Bullgaurd
  3. Avira
  4. Malwarebytes
  5. AVG
  6. Eset
  7. Webroot
  8. Avast
  9. Symantec
  10. Panda Security


Reviews of Anti-Virus Software

Given all the threats brought on by the different types of malware that can alter a user’s experience. It is vital to acknowledge that you could be attacked even in the process of searching for security measures. 

In that case, reviews play a crucial role in the buying process of Anti-Virus Software. Just like with any other product, consumers rely most upon each other’s opinions and experiences with the respective brand. Hence, sharing your own experience with a product can help several people in finding the most viable solution for their cybersecurity needs. 

On the other hand, when searching for your own anti-virus software; be sure to check what other real users are reviewing about the products you intend on buying, as it can save you a lot of time on reading overly convincing marketing claims and money in the end as you narrow out poorly rated products. 

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