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What is Software?

Software in a broad sense is a set of coded instructions to perform specific tasks on a computerized device. Software tells a computer how to work and creates a platform for other software applications to run on. Hardware and software go hand in hand. Hardware is the physical part of what makes a computer function and software is the operating tool of the hardware. 

Software comes in different forms by which the main categories are operating systems and applications that perform specific tasks within the operating systems. Examples of operating systems are Windows 10 used to operate Microsoft computers, or Mac OS used to operate Apple computers. Whereas examples of software applications would consist of Microsoft Excel to draw up spreadsheets, or Numbers on Apple to perform similar tasks to that of Excel. 


Software Examples: 

Anything done on a computer is done through some sort of Software. Some examples you may be familiar with are stated below:

Spotify →  to play music

AVG Antivirus → to protect the computer from cybercriminals

Photoshop → to edit photos

Games → for entertainment

Programming software on the other hand is used by software developers to build software of all kinds including the development of operating systems, games, software applications, and everything else that is considered software. 


Software Reviews

Software reviews are probably the most important of all reviews. Why? Because software is so volatile that just one wrong code can completely break an entire software construction. These are called glitches. Glitches are only found by going through the process of actually putting the software to use. The same goes for measuring the user-friendliness of the software.

Some developers even launch immature software as a way of speeding up the testing process as they receive feedback faster from the users in order to make adjustments and bring it up to a market-ready standard. Reviewing the software with as much detail as possible would only result in a better experience if the developer is willing to make those improvements to improve the user experience. However, whether they are willing or not the only way they would know is if they are made aware of it. 

For that reason, it is equally important to review software as well as it is to check reviews of all software. Some developers are ok with settling for lower ratings, whereas others are aiming to be the best on the market. Hence, by reading the reviews and the timeline thereof, one can estimate the quality of software and the service provided around the brand of the software, before purchasing it. 

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