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Wedding Gowns

What is a wedding gown?

A wedding gown is a dress worn by a bride on her wedding day. All factors relating to the style and color of the wedding gown can depend on the culture or religion of the wedding participants. The typical white wedding gown is known as a western culture that has travelled globally turning into the mainstream wedding that everyone has and is heavily related to Christian values and morals. With the theme of a white dress, it implies purity within one’s faith to represent a pure heart. More often, a white veil and gloves are paired with the dress to complete the attire. As the world already knows, a wedding gown is everything a girl dreams of since she was a kid. The designs of wedding gowns are innumerable ranging from strapless satin wedding gowns to lace halter wedding gowns, from vintage wedding gowns to princess ball gown wedding dresses and short beach wedding gowns.

What are the best wedding gown brands?

As mentioned above, Wedding gowns range from all sorts to suit a particular bride’s needs. For this reason, many wedding gown designers have taken a serious engagement on designing a broad scale of wedding dresses that are affordable for anyone and also creating a more luxurious taste in design. 

The designer brands that have had the ability to make a success of it include the following:

  1. Vera Wang
  2. Elie Saab
  3. Stella McCartney
  4. Ralph Lauren
  5. Cucculelli Shaheen
  6. Dana Harel
  7. Valentine Avoh
  8. Zac Posen
  9. Sarah Burton
  10. Katie May

Wedding gown reviews

Wedding gown reviews are generally the first thing a woman researches before investing so much money and time into the wedding gown of her dreams. Wedding gowns are sentimental and reading reviews will give great insight to women on past experiences from other women who worked with the brands. 

When writing reviews, a consumer should be straightforward and focus on the quality of the dress, how comfortable the wear was, and how their purchasing experience went with the designer. 

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