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What is Vaping?

Vaping is the process of smoking an electronic nicotine cigarette by inhaling the aerosol which has been recently studied and claimed to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes. The idea behind creating a vaping machine was to help smokers slow down and eventually stop smoking by providing a safer source of nicotine. Aerosol is created when vaping devices heat up the nicotine and flavorings to create the aerosol containing several chemicals. You may ask, does vaping smell? Well, depending on what flavor is put in the e-liquid concentrate. Some vaping machines are made to look like actual cigarettes or pipes, but most look like tank systems, pens, or USB sticks. These devices are rechargeable as well as battery-powered. 


Vaping Products and Dangers

Vaping products can be extremely dangerous especially when remakes of the products are created and sold on the black market at an exceptionally affordable price making the production faster and reaching more people. These products include a wide range of e-liquids, nicotine, and tank systems. 

A list of vaping products brands include the following:

  1. Innokin
  2. Smok
  3. Horizon
  4. Vaporfi
  5. Joyetech
  6. Vaporesso
  7. Aspire
  8. RipTide
  9. Vandy Vape
  10. Kangertech

Evidence has shown that vaping releases free radicals into the body promoting cancer development and weakening the immune system which ultimately delays brain development in fetuses and older kids. Second-hand vaping is not as harmful as vaping directly from the machine but also promotes lung damage through the flavoring diacetyl. Some other long term dangers of vaping can be caused when vaping alcohol, vaping after wisdom teeth removal, mixing vaping and asthma or even vaping while pregnant. 


Vaping Reviews

Vaping reviews help consumers to understand the benefits and dangers of vaping as a habit. Generally, vaping gets quite a lot of bad press although it is the less harmful way of ingesting air compared to smoking cigarettes. Reading reviews help consumers to know which vaping machines are more user-friendly or compatible with different tools as well as other vaping tricks that may be helpful.

On the other hand, writing reviews may also help vaping brands to improve on their products and minimize the chemicals they put into their products as efficiently as possible. It may also guide vapers on which products are safer to use or help them on how to quit vaping as a habit. 

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