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About VJBooks, the house of collectible books

VJBooks is a well known and admired online bookseller site. They have a vast collection of books that are authentic and signed by their authors. This venture opened in 1998 making its way since then. It is one of the largest collections of books.

There are more than 80,000 volumes of books. They focus on collecting those books that are difficult to find. They try to promote the new books of authors and also help to keep the previous titles in memories. VJBooks have been providing books to collectors for more than 35 years. They offer autographed, first edition, collectible, and limited edition books of different genres. Mystery, fantasy, fiction, adventure, humor, non-fiction, and science are some of the major genres. If you want to collect some missing parts of your book collection or you want to add some authentic first editions, VJBooks is the place of your interest.

VJBooks is a competitive and skillful company that provides high-quality collectible books. They work to make their company better day by day. Their staff is trained to provide the best services to its customers. They are qualified and experienced so that there is no complaint from the clients.

There book collection 

It is a great investment to have collectible and signed books in your collection. They will be a great addition to your library or home. We think that it is also a great way to show your love and support for your favorite authors.

They have categorized alphabetically to make it easy for you to find the book. You can find the books by the name of the author.
The collection is categorized as follows:

  • First Edition Books
  • Signed Books
  • Limited Edition Books

Clive Cussler, Norwood press and Dennis McMillan

  • Advance Reading copies

Signed and Collectible categories

  • Author Signed Bookplates

How to process returns?

VJBooks are giving books that are highly guaranteed. They inspect each and every book and grade it according to their guidelines. They make sure to cover the dust jacket with acid-free acetate of high quality. Shipments are made on the basis of safe delivery to its location.

The books are wrapped in bubble paper and packaged carefully so that they are safe. They try to make every possible step to satisfy the customers. Unfortunately, if you are still not happy with your purchase you can contact them within two weeks. They will offer you a reasonable return policy so that you can make the return.

Delivery Services

VJBooks offer domestic and international delivery services to its customers. They deliver to several countries. You can also track your order for many countries including Canada, Belgium, Germany, Australia, and many more. We think that you should contact them to get details about delivery and its charges to get a detailed overview.

The fanbase of VJBooks

We think that VJBooks is kind of an eye-catcher for book lovers. They can get signed books from your favorite authors from here. Book worms also have a special place for first editions. If you are someone that is interested in limited and special editions then this site will fulfill this craving. We think that every person who is into books will enjoy going through this site.

Contact for Queries

If you want to share your thoughts or any reviews in reference to VJBooks, you can contact them. They are more than happy to answer your concerns and queries. You can fill the form on the site and submit it. Building a collection of books that are not easily available in their authentic form is another form of satisfaction for these people who are invested in collecting the books.

Emailing them is also a good option if your query is lengthy. You can email them at [email protected]. They will respond back soon.

Sometimes, customers want their answers as soon as possible. To make it possible they have given a phone no (1-503-750-5310), call this number, and get your question answered quickly.

Social media handles are another source to contact the site. They also have information related to their products on these platforms. Social media links can be searched with their name “vj books”.

Final Thoughts

VJBooks is a source of collectible books. Books are a great source of knowledge. It helps to increase the intellectual level and has a heap of information within them. There are too many people around the globe who enjoy reading books and have a hobby to collect books. VJBooks have books of some well known and respectable authors. You can order the books and add them to your collection. We advise you that being a mindful buyer, you should always have an overlook at the delivery services and reviews of any site. This will save you from any bad experience as buying online is not always a good experience.




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