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What is Reading?

Reading is an activity done by taking in the sense of letters and symbols, by touch or sight. It is a fairly popular activity by which all ages of people take part in. Reading can be educational to gain knowledge and insight on a particular subject,  increase vocabulary or it can be entertaining in a way that it helps a person to escape into a fantasy where a stress-free zone is created. Studies have shown that reading helps with speech, mentally challenges most people, and provides a sense of excitement in the anticipation of watching a plot unfold and helps some to become immersed in another universe. Depending on what you are reading, it can be beneficial to what you apply in your daily life.

Most people like to accompany themselves with things that make reading more pleasurable such as reading chairs, reading pillows, reading lights for the evening, some people also rely on reading glasses to see better. Reading Cinemas is a cinema company that plays movies that were originally written books changed into movies through the process of the film adaptation.


Types of Reading Books

Reading books have a wide range of comprehension with an understanding of how the English language works and how print works, how you can increase your oral vocabulary, and how to strategize different meanings. There are many sources for reading online as well. Some websites offer a great variety of books such as E-books, My Reading Manga, ManyBooks, Open Library, and Gutenberg. The knowledge and fluency you gain depend on different reading genres.

The various genres of reading books include the following:

  1. Mystery
  2. Thriller
  3. Literary fiction
  4. Historical
  5. Romance
  6. Horror
  7. Fantasy
  8. Science fiction
  9. Non-fiction
  10. Dystopia 
  11. Western
  12. Drama
  13. Poetry
  14. Anime 
  15. Science-Fiction Anime


Reviews of Reading Books

With all the diverse genres of books from authors around the world, it is a significant point to make when leaving reviews on books. This will influence the reader’s decision on purchasing and reading a book as well as increase the authors’ and publishing company’s credibility. Reviews will gain consumer trust and encourage them to interact with companies and other consumers which inevitably increases business profits. 

Good reviews and bad reviews spread like fire, making it easy to access with any search. When written book reviews are posted, it makes the book more visible and easier for other readers to find online or in-store.

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