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About WonderSmile

WonderSmile is a dentistry product and service company that provides clear aligners to straighten your teeth from home. An alternative to traditional braces and retainers, WonderSmile dental aligners have become a popular method to correct dental concerns in a way that is both cost and time-effective. Qualified orthodontists at selected locations across the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore design individual treatment plans for each WonderSmile client, then monitor progress remotely through online check-ins.


How Does it Work?

WonderSmile aligners are created from an in-office scan or at-home mould of your natural bite. Once individual aligners are designed, manufactured and shipped to your address, they can be managed at home with professional guidance. Invisible aligners are fitted like a mouthguard and will gradually move your teeth into the desired position over a period of around six months, depending on the severity of your dental concerns. You are required to send in photographs of your teeth throughout the care period to track progress. Once your teeth have completed the move, WonderSmile advertises maintenance retainers to help your teeth remain in their new alignment.

It is important to note that WonderSmile is designed to correct only mild to moderate dental concerns. More complex cases should be brought up with your regular dentist or orthodontist.


Products and Services

Clear Aligners: WonderSmile advertises its signature invisible, individually designed aligners as a top and bottom set for $2,690.00. The Clear Aligner should be worn for twenty-two hours each day and has an average treatment period of six months.

NightClear Aligners: As an alternative for those who do not want to wear an aligner during the day, WonderSmile advertises a night-time only aligner, to be worn for ten hours each night. This set retails at $2,790.00 and has an average treatment period of nine months for eligible clients.

3D Treatment Plan: For clients who want to see an estimation of their results before committing to a set of aligners, WonderSmile provides an $80.00 3D animation service tailored to your bite. Payment for this service is deducted from your total if you commit to your aligners and refunded if you choose not to proceed or go elsewhere for treatment.

Maintenance Retainer: WonderSmile advertises a set of maintenance retainers for $99.00. These are required for dental aftercare once you have finished your aligner treatment period.

At-Home Mould Kit: For treatment candidates who do not wish to go into a registered office for initial dental scanning, WonderSmile advertises a $45.00 moulding kit that can be shipped to you for at-home use.


Payments and Deliveries

WonderSmile has a number of payment options available online, including payment plans. Payment plans require a twenty per cent deposit and are paid monthly. The company also offers a $500.00 price reduction for clients who only require one top or bottom aligner.

Free delivery is provided for NightClear Aligner customers.
Delivery costs for standard Clear Aligners can be determined on the website by clicking the ‘book now button on the Home page.

Wonder Smile currently delivers to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong (China) and Singapore.


Promises, Benefits and Guarantees

WonderSmile advertises a Lifetime Guarantee for your completed treatment. If your bite changes after treatment through no fault of your own, further treatment will be provided by the company at no extra cost to eligible clients.

If you are deemed ineligible for WonderSmile aligners, the company will refund the price of your in-office scan, at-home mould kit, and 3D Treatment Plan.

WonderSmile periodically has sales and promotional offers, which can be found on their website and are often emailed to potential clients who have signed up to the mail list.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

WonderSmile has a FAQ page on their website detailing answers to common questions about treatment processes for aligner products, financial/ pricing information, store locations and procedures, at-home mould kits and general inquiries.


Contacting WonderSmile

WonderSmile has a dedicated Customer Care hotline – 1300 941 451 – for grievances and general enquiries. This number may change depending on your location; your relative number will be reflected on the website. For appointment scheduling and care-specific questions, WonderSmile in-office locations can be contacted directly. A list of available in-office locations is available on the website’s Locations page.

WonderSmile can also be contacted directly via their website’s Contact Us page.


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