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What is Music?

Music is a type of performing art created by arranging sounds using rhythm, melody, tone, and harmony in order to create a unified composition. Making music includes sounds and vibrations as well as silent moments to express a mixture of emotions and experiences. Practically every human culture has a tradition of making its own type of music. Music instruments such as flutes and drums have been used to make music for the past thousand years. In recent times, pop and rock musicians have become the more prominent artists taking tours around the world and performing music that has made them be the stars they are today. 

What are the different music genres?

Music genres are commonly known as conventional categories to identify pieces of music that substantially belong to a tradition or series of conventions. The few obvious ones include classics such as rock 90s music, indie pop music, christian music or country gospel music, as well as relaxing music which is good music to listen to when reading. Many other genres of music may also include the following:

  • Rock 90s music
  • Pop
  • Jazz
  • Hip-Hop
  • Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
  • Alternative
  • Punk rock
  • Country music 
  • Heavy metal
  • Classical 
  • Soul 
  • Reggae
  • Trance
  • House
  • Instrumental Christmas music
  • Indie Rock
  • Dubstep
  • Disco
  • Relaxing
  • Contemporary R&B
  • Meditation music
  • Sleeping music

The impact of music reviews

Music reviews are probably one of the most common types of reviews. Writing reviews can educate the public on music albums, live performances, artist interviews, and artist profiles. This will also help these music artists to know how they can improve on their work quality.

Reading reviews gives the consumers a language they can use in relation to their music taste. People may also read reviews to elaborate on their passion or dislike for a certain song/album or even just find out which free music mp4 downloads are available online.

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