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If Only Home: You can buy the best quality bedding from their shop

Nowadays, everyone wants their home to look beautiful and tidy. Neat and clean bedding is essential for your home to look clean. Buying good quality bed sheets and pillow covers can make you feel more comfortable on the bed. 

There are so many things to consider while buying bedding, for example, quality of clothes, prices, and material. Purchasing top-quality bedding cloth is complex because not every brand offers premium quality products. So, we suggest the “If Only Home” brand for buying high-quality bedding products for your home. This brand is also known as White Terry Home, so you can read this entire article for more information.


About If Only Home

If Only Home is a Canadian bedding brand founded by Nicole Bernstein, mother of two children. She set out to establish a brand that felt like home—every product of If Only Home is organic cotton for beautiful and dreamy bedding. 

All the products of White Terry home is made to last with a soft feel of breathable & organic cotton, beautiful colors, and smooth texture.  All their products come with many features, for instance, reverse envelope closure, easy bed making, full elasticized, latest designed, extra-wide luxurious hem finish, and many other unique features. 

Each product of If Home Only is made with cotton that makes you feel extra relaxed after a long day. 

Its bedding and sheets are made with 100% organic cotton free of pesticides and chemicals and more consistency. Its bedding items are so helpful for human use. You can easily wash them by using lukewarm water along with a natural fabric detergent. 

The company’s primary aim is to satisfy its customers by fulfilling all their needs by providing high-quality products. They also treat their customers with respect and patience. Their customer support team helps you to find the best product that suits your home and mood.

What products “If Home Only” is Offering

The White Terry Home company is offering many different products to its customers. On their official website (www.ifonlyhome.com), they have arranged their products in various categories and sub-categories to ease their visitors. Their products include:

  • Sheet Sets
  • Duvet Covers
  • Pillow Cases
  • Pillows
  • Pillow Shams
  • Crib Sheets
  • Gift Cards


What Services does the Company Provide?

The company offers many excellent services to its customers, and some of them are below:

Deals & Discounts

The company offers many deals and discounts occasionally. So you can get your favorite bedding products at discounted prices. 

Shipping Charges

If Home Only provides fantastic service of shipping to its customers, they have no hidden charges. Their shipping is free with 2-3 day express service in the United States and Canada. 

Gift Cards

The company also offers gift card service to its customers. Now you can gift their gift cards for any occasion. If Only Home’s gift cards are customizable. You just have to add “To” & “From” to the card along with your special message. Besides this, the recipient will get the card through email once the order is complete or you can also select to print the gift card at your house. Their bedding products could be the best gift for every event. Everyone loves linen products and beautiful sheets. 

Return Policy

In case you are not satisfied with your purchase, then you can quickly return your product. If Only Home offers a fantastic return policy to its clients. The company happily accepts returns within forty-five (45) days of purchase. For returning a product, you have to email the company at [email protected], and then their team will get back to you with a link to produce a prepaid return label.

Besides this, they will notify you by sending an email that your return order is received, and your refund will be processed back to you with the actual payment process. The refund cost might take more than seven (7) working days to appear on your credit card statement.


The company willingly listens to all of your complaints, and they immediately try to solve them. In case you are not satisfied with your order, or you have any other issue, contact their customer support team at [email protected] & they will get back to you with a solution.

How to reach the company?

You can reach the company in so many ways. The simplest way is to visit their official website (www.ifonlyhome.com) and then place your order by adding your favorite products to your cart. Then you have to follow the procedure to ship your order to your address. You can also follow the company on their social media pages for their latest collections and promotions. The social media pages include:

  • Instagram: ifonlyhome
  • Facebook: If Only Home
  • Pinterest: If Only Home


Contact Information

There is a Contact Us form on the Official website(www.ifonlyhome.com)of the company. You have to fill the state by providing the required credentials that include your full name, valid email address, contact number, and text message. 

If Only Home loves to hear from its customers. So, you can contact them for any queries regarding your order or their products. Their team members will get back to you within 1-2 business days. 

Besides this, the contact information of the company is below:


The company provides comfortable and unique bedding products for its customers. If Only Home is delivering exceptional items for many years. Their bedding products are well-made and so relaxing. The best part about them is, all of their products are with organic cotton that makes you feel extra comfortable after a long day. 


If Only Home’s main aim is to satisfy their customer by fulfilling their sleep requirements. We will suggest you do comprehensive research before buying a particular product. Before purchasing anything online, it is essential to read all the reviews of people. By reading online reviews, you know about the quality, services, and many things regarding the company and the products. So after buying a product from If Only Home you should also write a review about it so that people can learn from your experience. 



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