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AirFilters: Provide clean water, air, and lifestyle to its clients

Airfilter is a retail company that sells every kind of air filter. The company is located in Southern Alabama, and they offer more than 214 standard sizes of pleated air filters. Airfilter also offers custom-sized air filters for 1”, 2”, 4” & 6” to its customers. All the custom filters are made according to the client’s exact specifications.

The company’s mission is to provide clean water, a clean lifestyle, and clean air to everyone. They offer more than 17,00 other filters that include air cleaner filters, water filters, humidifier filters, whole-house air filters, vacuum filters, automotive filters, and much more. AirFilters has trusted and renowned brands like Accumulair, DuPont, Arm & Hammer, and many more.

AirFilters offers many deals and discounts occasionally. They treat customers with so much respect and deliver fantastic support and services. The company’s products are so unique, and you can buy them to enhance your lifestyle.


What Products do they offer?

Airfilters offers many unique products for its customers on its official website (www.airfilters.com). They have arranged their products in many categories and sub-categories for the ease of their customers. Some of the types are given below:

  • Accumulair Air Filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Furnace Filters
  • Air Purifier Filters
  • Water Filters
  • Humidifier Filters

Other Categories

  • Air Conditioner Filters
  • Accumulair Air filters
  • DuPont Air Filters
  • Arm & Hammer Air Filters
  • Whole House Filters
  • Custom Size Filters
  • 3M Filtrete Air Filters
  • Water Filters
  • Air Purifier Filters
  • Humidifier Filters
  • Washable and Metal Mesh Air Filters
  • Specialty Products
  • Clearance Corner
  • WEB Products

Sub-categories are given below:

Air Purifier filters

  • 3M Filtrete
  • Aprilaire / Space-Gard
  • Bionaire
  • DeLonghi
  • Duracraft
  • Filter Queen
  • General Electric / SmartAire
  • Sears / Kenmore
  • Slant / Fin
  • Sunbeam
  • Teledyne
  • Whirlpool Whispure
  • Whirlpool Aftermarket

Humidifier Filters

  • American Standard
  • Aprilaire / Space-Gard
  • AutoFlo
  • Bemis
  • Bionaire
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Duracraft
  • Emerson
  • Evenflo

Specialty Products

  • Air Freshener Products
  • Air Purifiers
  • Coffee Filters
  • Face Masks
  • Humidifier Units
  • Mobile Home Filters
  • Arm & Hammer Shelf Liners
  • Arm & Hammer Food Storage Containers


What services do AirFilters Provide?

AirFilters knowledgeable and friendly customer care team is always willing and happy to provide the best customer service experience to ensure their customers find what they are looking for.

Return Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase and want to return it, AirFilter will refund your purchase amount of any standard size filter bought from their website within sixty (60) days of delivery. Moreover, the return period starts when the buyer makes the purchase. So, if you are obtaining a new unit, moving, or you simply require another filter size, then you have come to the right place.

AirFilters provides a sixty (60) day return guarantee, but the returned filters must be undamaged, unused, and in the original condition when they are received back to the company.

The company accepts all the returns via FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Try to save your tracking number so the company will confirm receipt of your return. 

If you received a damaged filter and want to return it, you should report the damage within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the item to file a claim. Filters delivered to the customers in good condition are the responsibility of the recipient if he/she wants to return them. All the orders returned to the company because of incorrect information, for example, wrong city, name, zip code, etc., will include an extra cost to cover the inadvertent delivery. Any parcel that the customer refuses and is returned to the company will be credited the cost of the filters less the price of the return shipping.

It will take ten (10) business days from when the company receives your products to process the return. Besides this, filters not delivered will be credited back to the customer’s card on record.

For more information on how to handle your return, you can contact AirFilters.com contact number at 1-877-476-9511 or through email.

Discounts & Coupons

AirFilters occasionally provides different deals and discounts to its customers. Their values are so unique that you can get your favorite product at almost half price. So frequently visit their website for amazing deals.

Free Shipping

AirFilter offers free shipping for its customers for orders of more than $99.


How to reach Airfilters?

You can contact the company in so many ways. The simplest and easiest way to reach the company is to call them at 877-476-9511, or you can email them at www.airfilters.com to place your order. You can select a product of your choice and add it to your shopping cart. Then you have to follow the checkout process by filling in the shipping address.

You can also reach air filters by visiting its social media pages that include:

  • Facebook: AirFilters.com
  • Twitter: AirFilters.com
  • Pinterest: Airfiltersdotcom
  • Youtube: AirFilters.com

On their official website, they have a Contact Us option. There you will find a form asking for your name, email address, phone number, and comment. The owner of the company is always willing to hear from its customers. So you can freely give comments, advice, and suggestions to the company.


Contact Information

You can contact them in so many ways. The most straightforward and easy way is to register yourself on their website and then click the Contact Us button to get them. You just have to fill a specific form, where you have to write all the required credentials and your message.

  • Email Address: www.airfilters.com
  • Contact Number: 877-476-9511
  • For Online Order: 24/7/365
  • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM CST
  • Address: Hablamos Espanol
  • 245 Jacintoport Blvd
  • Dock 20
  • Saraland, AL 36571


A Quick Wrap Up

AirFilters is a company that sells a wide variety of air filters for its customers. They aim to provide clean air, clean water, and a clean lifestyle to people. They offer more than 17,00 other filters that include air cleaner filters, water filters, humidifier filters, whole-house air filters, vacuum filters, automotive filters, and many more.

You can select your favorite products from their products list, and they will deliver them to your doorstep. Their product range is so diverse, and their main aim is to satisfy its customers by providing high-quality products and services. The good thing about the company is that they have a return and exchange policy, so you should not worry about buying online. You can easily order your favorite items any time, anywhere. We will recommend you to visit their website today for the best shopping experience at reasonable prices.



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