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What is Fashion?

So, what is fashion? Fashion is an art form that embraces creativity, self-expression, and elegance. The word was first used in France and Italy around the 18th century to describe a particular style or trend. It is now a global phenomenon that influences all aspects of society – from making clothes, to what people wear on their body, to what they eat for breakfast. Fashion has gone through many phases since its inception in the 18th century. The fashion industry has immensely evolved over time with the introduction of new technology and innovation. The most recent phase (which began with the invention of new technologies like Photoshop) is known as fast fashion or disposable fashion because most pieces can be bought at cheap prices and worn only a few times before being discarded for good. 

Fashion can be used to express identity and personality. Fashion also has a lot of emotional ties with people, depending on what they are wearing. Fashion can be expensive or affordable. Streetwear, business fashion, alt fashion, Kalki fashion, androgynous fashion, and ethnic fashion are all different styles of clothing. In the early 2000s, fashion nails led its way to become a multimillion industry. 


Fashion Styles and Brands

Fashion to figure is a form of personal style in the way someone dresses to portray their individuality. Fashion can be a deeply personal statement, and often reflects social class and economic standing. Fashion is the current trend, especially in clothes. Fashion changes all the time. 80s men’s fashion and 90s women’s fashion times were two of the most trendy decades for the young fashion industry for which the styles still run trendy today. 

Today, the fashion industry has become a multibillion industry with a wide range from average and affordable clothing to high-end designer pieces. A few brands that have many stores and even sometimes host a fashion show mall include the following:


Online Fashion Reviews

For the majority of retailers, online fashion reviews play a big role in steering consumers from browsing items to actually purchasing them. For this reason, it is highly essential that online shoppers write reviews in the online store review section.

Reading reviews will also convince online shoppers which stores to purchase from and which to avoid. 

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