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What is eyewear?

The first invention of eyewear came from the Romans who discovered they could use glass as a way to see the small text clearly using spheres and magnifying glasses and the first pair of reading glasses were made in the 13th century in Italy. Eyewear, sunglasses, reading glasses, and spectacles are all vision wear made up of glass and hard plastic lenses mounted into a metal or plastic framing held with a bridge on the nose and hinged arms resting on the ears to protect or increase a person’s eye vision. Glasses do not only protect one’s eyes from digital screens, but they also protect your eyes from the sun and you can get a transition lens that will darken when exposed to UV rays. and keep dirt and dust from entering your eyes. Eyewear can be worn as a fashion statement and enhance your facial features but you should be fooled by wearing crap eyewear because that causes further damage to your eyesight.


What types of eyewear are there?

Everyone should be on the eyewear express train because these days eyewear can be fully customizable to have a blue light protectant layer used for digital screens known to all as blue light glasses, a UV protectant layer known as sunglasses, and an eye vision prescription to help those with weak eyesight see better, commonly known as spectacles.


What are the best eyewear brands to use?

The eyewear industry has a vast variety of brands and is all in the competition of owning the market and capitalizing on consumers. The best eyewear brands and eyewear trends of 2021 include the following:

  1. Ray-Bans Eyewear
  2. Lingo Eyewear
  3. Roka Eyewear
  4. Europa Eyewear
  5. Prada Eyewear
  6. Persol Eyewear
  7. Versace Eyewear
  8. Burberry Eyewear
  9. Bomber Eyewear
  10. Gucci Eyewear
  11. Gwen Stefani Eyewear
  12. Tom Ford Eyewear
  13. Eco Eyewear
  14. Toro Eyewear

Eyewear Reviews

High-quality eyewear is essential to a consumer’s eye protection which is why it is crucial to write reviews on eyewear brands, the purchasing process, and the quality of the brand to help the next potential customer. 

It is also important that a consumer reads quite a few reviews before purchasing a pair of glasses so they can make sure to purchase the correct fit for their comfortability and are guaranteed the best purchase. 

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