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Tracking your fitness from time to time is very important. It would be best to follow your pulse rate, heartbeat, sleep, movement, and other activities. Nowadays, there are many different tracking wearables devices available in the markets. So, everyone should track their daily activities and try to overcome their flaws and weaknesses.


About the Misfit Company

Misfit is an American online company founded by John Sculley, Sridhar Iyengar, and Sonny Vu on 14th October 2011. Fossil Group owns the company, and its headquarter is in San Francisco, California, US. The company sells a wearable electronic device that uses home automation products and sensors.

The majority of the Misfit’s wearable devices can be synced to your mobile app on your mobile phone. You can easily track your sleeping hours, calories, running steps, and many more things just using a small compact device.

Misfit devices have the latest designs, advanced technology, and new styles, and it also shows in their line of sleep trackers and fitness devices. Each one of their designs is different from another model on the technology market.

The company offers amazing devices that count the number of steps you take, how well you sleep, your daily calories, and the distance you traveled. Their wearable devices also vibrate to alert a person to text messages and calls.

Besides this, if a person is sitting for too long, then the device tracker will remind him to get up and move. Additionally, their fitness tracking devices, every model has a smart button that allows a person to control and monitor connected household tools & devices.

They provide the best wearable products in the United States and also offer the best customer support service to their clients. Their customer care team treats its customers with so much respect and patience, and they properly guide you about the product.


Misfit Products

Misfit offers a variety of products to its customers on its official website. They have arranged their products in different categories and sub-categories for the ease of their visitors on their site.

Misfit Tracker

Misfit tracking devices have an aluminum sensor that monitors a person’s sleep timings, movements, REM cycles, and other sleep data. It offers an easy-to-read LED display screen along with a comfortable and durable rubber strap. The Misfit tracker also monitors the fitness activities of a person that includes cycling, swimming, and running. The devices also contain a built-in camera and alerts.


It is an activity tracking device, and it is used to track different activities like swimming, running, cycling, and many more. It is a small tracker that you can wear in a variety of ways; you can wear it like a necklace, like a wrist band, or also attach it with your clothes using its magnetic clip.


The vapor is a wearable android smartwatch that has a heart rate sensor. This device is basically to monitor your fitness. It is water-resistant and available in four different colors.


The Ray is the most versatile tracking device. It automatically tracks distance, sleep, light, and steps. The tracking device works on batteries that last more than four months. It is waterproof and available in 11 colors.

Sadly, in 2018 Misfit company discontinued this item.

Connected Home Devices

Misfit has many smart home devices that include a sleep-monitoring strip that you can attach over a mattress, Beddit Sleep Monitor, a wireless color changing bulb, and a Bolt Smart light Bulb.

Here is a short overview of what you can find at Misfit.com;

  • Vapor X
  • Vapor
  • Flare
  • Shine
  • Flash
  • Beddit
  • Path
  • Vapor 2
  • Ray
  • Speedo Shine
  • 20mm Straps
  • Pebble
  • Command
  • Phase
  • Shine 2
  • Swarovski Activity Crystal
  • Bolt


What Services do Misfit Provide?

The company offers many fantastic services to its customers, and some of them are given below:


Misfit customer support team willingly listens to all of your complaints, and they immediately try to solve them. In case you are not satisfied with your order, or you have any other issue, you can contact them at ([email protected]), and they will get back to you with a solution.

Shipping Details

Misfit company offers Free Standard Shipping on everything for their clients. So do not wait and order your favorite wearables.

Deals and Discounts

The company offers many amazing deals and discounts to its customers occasionally. So you can get your favorite wearable devices at the lowest prices.

Return Policy

The company provides the best products to its customers, but in case you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, then you can return the product. The company offers an amazing return policy to its customers, but you have to return the item within ninety (90) days from its purchase date.

The returned items must be in their original condition and should not be used or damaged. You have to provide proof of purchase along with the returned parcel. The item should be packed in its original packaging. You have to provide an invoice slip for a full refund. Misfit will provide refunds in the form of the original payment method.

How to process a return?

If you order an item from Misfit’s site, then you will receive a packing slip along with your order that includes a return order form and shipping label for customer’s ease. You have to follow the instructions given below to return the item:

The returned item should be securely packed in its original packaging. Make sure that you remove all the labels in case you use the original box.

Then you have to fill in the return detail page of your packing slip. You have to write a return reason code in the item list and quantity for every product from the parcel that is being returned.

Return reasons are given below:

  1. Size too small
  2. Size too big
  3. Overall fit issue
  4. Defective/damaged
  5. Discolored/ Fade color
  6. Not as pictured
  7. Order delayed
  8. Damaged in transit
  9. Duplicate shipment/shipment
  10. General Gift/return

After that, you have to put the return detail page in the box before packing it. Now seal the parcel. Attach the return shipping label on the outer side of the box.

Return Address

ATTN: Web Returns
10615 Sanden Drive
Dallas, TX 75238

Warranty Policy

Fossil Group, Inc provides a warranty that all the Misfit accessories and products are free from any defects. The company has used high-quality materials in manufacturing its products. Misfit provides a warranty of two years on its products and accessories.

The company does not repair any normal wear and tear in the products.

How to Reach the Company

You can reach the company in so many ways. The simplest way is to visit their official website (www.misfit.com) and then place your order by adding your favorite products to your cart. Then you have to follow the procedure to ship your order to your address. For more information about deals and promotions, you can also visit the company’s social media pages that include:

  • Facebook: Misfit Wearables
  • Instagram: misfit wearables
  • Youtube: Misfit
  • Pinterest: Misfit
  • Twitter: Misfit


Contact Information

If you have any queries regarding your order or anything else you can easily contact the company. The contact information of the company is given below:

Misfit.com Live Chat Service

The company also offers a live chat service to its clients, so if you have any questions or you need to know anything, then you can live chat with Misfit’s representative.

Live chat timings: Business hours.


Misfit is an American electronic company that sells awesome electronic wearable devices that tracks your sleep, your calories, the distance you traveled, your steps, and much more. They have used advanced technology in all of their devices and have many devices in unique designs and styles.

At Misfit, you can buy wearable devices with the latest technology like home automation items and sensors. They have a wide range of wearable devices for men & women. So you can easily shop from their website without any hesitation of online shopping as they have a very good return policy. That means, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you can return your parcel.

However, before buying anything online, it is important to read all the reviews of people. By reading online reviews, you get to know about the quality, services, and many things regarding the company and the products. So after buying a product from Misfit, you also write a review about it, so people can learn from your experience.



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