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What is a Drone?

A drone aircraft is an unmanned aerial vehicle that operates using a remote control or software-controlled flight plans. The concept of a drone was introduced during the attack of Venice by Austria in 1849 when they stuffed balloons with explosives and targeted their opponents. Within its integrated systems, the drone works with global positioning systems (GPS) and onboard sensors. A drone has two modes it functions in; flight mode and navigation. In order to fly, a drone needs to rely on fuel or a battery. The overall frame of a drone is made up of carbon fiber composites, making it lightweight and increasing its flying power. They are also made into small designs known as mini drones that have an extended flight time and provide aerial imagery. Drones require a remote controller which uses radio waves such as WiFi to launch, navigate, and land the drone. Drones have been associated with military use and were initially handled for anti-aircraft target practice, as weapons platforms, and for gathering intelligence. They also contribute to the civilian roles of surveillance, weather monitoring, and agriculture.


Types of Drones

In recent times, drones have evolved and become unrecognizable due to the numerous designs they’ve been created subject to. Today, there are numerous types of drones that can be fit for all kinds of drone activities using the following:

  • underwater drones, which are great for fishing
  • racing drones, used for first-person-view (FPV) drone racing
  • police drones and battle drones, used as assistance on the field
  • video drones, best for surveillance and/or videography
  • toy drones, manufactured with a coreless motor and for entertainment flying
  • hand-controlled drones, feature sensors used to guide the drone with the user’s hand

There are many great stores to purchase drones such as Walmart drones, BestBuy drones, and Costco drones where you can purchase Xcraft drones, Phoenix drones, and others including the following:

  1. DJI Drones
  2. UVify Drones
  3. Yuneec Drones
  4. Hubsan Drones
  5. Parrot Drones
  6. Autel Robotics Drones


Drone Reviews

When purchasing a drone, it is important to take note of all the specific features each drone has to offer and whether it suits what you are searching for. It is important that you read reviews on drone brands and keep in mind the drone’s weight, maximum altitude, and how far the remote connection stretches. 

Writing these reviews will help other consumers to become informed about drone features and specifics to help them purchase from the best quality brand.


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