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What is Cosplay?

What is cosplay? The term cosplay is a Japanese portmanteau of “costume play” that originated in America and is ultimately a performance art or activity play by which participants wear anime costumes and fashion accessories. The first act of cosplay occurred in 1908 when Mr. and Mrs. William Fell dressed up for a masquerade ball depicting Martians from a newspaper comic. As this started as an early instance of cosplay, more events as a fan activity in Japan and then only in the 1990s when exposure led to television and magazines and furthermore to an organic movement amongst adults which eventually spread globally. 

Today, Cosplay is as popular as ever. The first cosplay summit was held in 2003 at the Rose Court Hotel with 5 cosplayers invited from Germany, Italy, and France. Cosplay costumes can range from simple costumes to highly themed costumes from video games, comic books, or movies and other cosplay ideas which should not be confused with Halloween costumes because cosplay costumes aim to represent a specific character instead of a cultural holiday event.

Types of Cosplay

Cosplay costumes can range in different colors and accessories which can be purchased by custom manufacturers or producers that sell packaged outfits. Cosplay is meant to represent embodiment with the ability to screen the manifestation of the cosplay itself. Many also argue that cosplayers must have the ability to represent a character without restrictions related to disability, physical features, and size of the body, especially cosplay girls.

Many types of cosplay today include:

  • Demon slayer cosplay
  • Among us cosplay
  • OMG Cosplay
  • Sexual Cosplay
  • Hisoka Cosplay
  • Harley Quinn Cosplay
  • Attack on Titan Cosplay
  • Velma Cosplay
  • Toga Cosplay
  • Poison Ivy Cosplay

Cosplay Reviews

As much as it matters to the eye of the public of cosplay costumes being above standard, it is just as important to cosplay fans to know that they are wearing their cosplay outfits with the right attitude and imitation. For this reason, writing cosplay reviews help cosplayers to know that they are purchasing the best costumes and accessories to properly embody their chosen characters.

Cosplay online stores will highly benefit from customers writing reviews on their products and will also promote their business for more profit. 

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