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Pride Shack: The company specializes in Lesbian, Gay, & Transgender Products

PrideShack company is situated in the United States of America. The company has been in the business for more than five years. They are recognized to deal with many products, mainly jewelry of several kinds, that their customers can access at affordable prices. The company is privately owned and run by the founder of the enterprise. It is categorized as a non-consumer goods organization because it mainly deals with products & goods that cannot be consumed.

Moreover, PrideShack specializes in Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual, Masonic, STR8 Military, Merchandise, Biker,  and many more!. The company’s primary aim is to satisfy its customers by fulfilling all their requirements. You can also earn 20% of the company’s sales by sharing their web links that include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

This organization is operated mainly in Europe, and it is licensed to work across the United States of America and its immediate neighboring countries. PrideShack is a registered business that runs without any interruption from the government or other individuals.  The company is famous for its unique selling items. The main objective of building the company was to promote the lesbian and gay community in society. Making people aware of them and the shopping platform made it convenient for them to access the items and goods. 

PrideShack’s primary goal is to offer all the products of different brands and forms for the desired customers and society. Customer satisfaction is the company’s priority.


What Products do they Sell?

The Pride Shack is the one-stop-shop pride store for LGBT, military, biker, masonic, family, friends, straight allies, and rainbow products. Pride Shack is famouforto dealing with many products that come in several brands. All the customers can access a wide range of products found in different categories and subcategories for the customer’s choice. 

The company has different categories and sub-categories given below:

  • Free daily Specials
  • Gay Pride Merchandise for men
  • Lesbian Pride Merchandise
  • Bi Pride, Transgender & Pansexual
  • Rainbow Colored Items all types
  • Parade, Party & Pets
  • LGBT vehicle and car items
  • LGBT DVDs and Gift Sets
  • All Lesbian and Gay pride jewelry
  • Hemp Pride 420
  • Military and Masonic Pride
  • All fun stuff and flags
  • Biker and leather pride
  • Awareness & Religious pride
  • Conventional Pride
  • Family and Friends Pride
  • All ear and body jewelry
  • All apparel and accessories
  • All necklaces and pendants
  • All rings
  • All bracelets and Wristlets
  • Best Sellers
  • All weddings and couples
  • Pride shop items under $13
  • Pride Clearance sale
  • View all store items
  • Dropship request


What Services do Pride Shack Provide?

PrideShack provides many fantastic services to its customers:

Gift Certificate

PrideShack offers a gift certificate that you can use to gift your loved ones. The e-Gift certificate redemption details are e-mailed to your appointed recipient. Remember that there is no physical card. Moreover, gift certificates cannot be refunded. All the gift certificates are valid just for a one-year term, and they can only be used on www.PrideShack.com.

Payment Methods

The company only accepts VISA, PayPal, Discover, Master Card, or American Express Card.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your order, then the company has a flexible thirty-day(30) return policy that starts when you receive your parcel in the mail. You have to contact the company within 14 days. You can also visit the company’s official website and click on “Returns and Exchange” to start your return process. You have to choose your return reason and then print out your specified Return Authorization Form.

Besides this, the returned products that are not sent in non-defective might include 15 to 20% restocking charges and non-refundable shipping charges. Remember that refunds are not available for opened DVS’s, e-Gift Cards, and personal products like jewelry, edible creations, or undergarments because of federal health rules unless they are defective, damaged, or sent in error.

The domestic Shipments-United States of America

The company’s domestic shipment policy is simple; if you live inside the US, all standard mail shipments might take roughly 5-7 working days after processing time. Moreover, priority mail options may take approximately 3-5 working days, and similarly, Express mail service takes roughly 2-3 working days after the processing time. Please exclude weekends and holidays from these days.

Deals and Discounts

PridesShack also offers many amazing deals and discounts for their customers. Currently, they are also offering clearance sales on their website. You can visit their site and get your favorite products at reasonable prices.


How to Reach Pride Shack?

You can reach PrideShack in so many ways. The simplest and the easiest way is to visit their official site that is www.prideshack.com. Register yourself. Select your favorite items and add them to your cart. Then you have to follow the checkout process to complete your order.

For more updates, deals, and discounts, you can also visit PrideShack’s social media pages that include:

  • Facebook: PrideShack.com
  • Youtube: PrideShackTV
  • Pinterest: Pride Shack
  • Instagram: pride shack
  • Twitter: Pride Shack

On their official website, they have a Contact Us option. There you will find a form asking for your email address, full name, Phone Number, Order Number, and Details. The president of the company is always willing to hear from its customers. So you can freely give comments, advice, and suggestions to the company. Moreover, when your message is successfully sent, you will get on-screen confirming news. 

Contact Information

You can contact them in so many ways. The most straightforward and easy way is to register yourself on their website(www.prideshack.com) and then click the Contact Us button to contact them. You just have to fill a straightforward form, where you have to write all the required credentials about yourself and your order.

Our Business Mailing Address

Pride Shack
P.O. Box 1109
Scarsdale, NY, 10583

Note: Please do not use the address mentioned above for returning items.



PrideShack is a one-stop-shop pride store for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender, military, biker, masonic, straight allies, friends, family, and rainbow items.  The company’s primary aim is to satisfy its customers by fulfilling all their requirements. The company offers high-quality products for its customers.

The company is famous for its unique selling items. The main objective of building the company was to promote the lesbian and gay community in society. To make people aware of them also and to provide them a good shopping platform. Now you can do online shopping anytime and by sitting anywhere. The best thing about PrideShack is that they offer an exchange and return policy to its customers. So do not hesitate to shop online; the company will deliver your order at your door. We will recommend you to shop from PrideShack for a fantastic shopping experience.


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