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What is a Security System?

A security system is an alarm system that detects any unauthorized entry into a property or premises such as a home or a building. The purpose of a security system is for home protection and safety using small components such as surveillance cameras, control panels, sensor lights, alarm sensors, loud sirens, window sensors, door sensors, and smoke detectors and often linked to a security company using a monitored security system installed by the company’s security system installers. Most homeowners and business owners always try to go for the best security system offered.


What are the most popular kinds of Security Systems?

A security system can be a monitored security system, unmonitored security system, self-monitored security system, wireless security alarm system, and a wired home security system. A monitored security system is linked with personnel that gets in contact with the registered system owner when the system has been triggered.  A self-monitored alarm system consists of motion sensors and surveillance cameras which will send the owner a notification when it has been triggered. These often have mobile apps that allow you to link with your security system.  A wireless security system consists of sensors and detectors with a control panel in the middle of the house with no wires attached to the detectors or control for any intruder to cut and can be accessed through a mobile app or remote control and can be made into a fully customized system.  A wired home security system is connected to an alarm panel through wires attached to the detector or control panel at all entry points of the home.


What kinds of Security Systems are there?

Other kinds of security systems include basic home security systems, a company’s security systems, or a barking dog security system. These days with modern technology, there have been a lot of new designs of security systems. A few other kinds of security systems include the following:

  • Night Owl Security System
  • Lorex Security System
  • ADT Security System
  • Costco Ring Security System
  • Karr Security System
  • Frontpoint Security System
  • DSC Security System
  • Alexa Security System
  • Amazon Security System


How important are online reviews when you are choosing a Security System?

Before installing a security system, you should read reviews and increase your knowledge of all the types of systems. This will help in deciding which security system would be more convenient and secure for the lifestyle of your space. It would be appropriate to install a monitored security system if you travel often and perhaps a wired home system if you are always home.

Writing reviews on security systems can contribute to the online recognition of the security system company and overall credibility. This helps potential customers to determine which system is most effective and which systems other consumers had trouble with.

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