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Solentro -Convert your Memories into Book

Solentro is a book venture launched in 2008 by Schildfat brothers, Tobias and Hampus. It is a company that is recognized worldwide. Their app is entirely based on web design and easy to use. They have customers from more than 30 countries and make customized books in different languages like Swedish, Danish, Italian, French, English, Dutch, and many more.

Solentro seeks to provide its customers with a lifetime experience by providing customized books or photo books. You can have a personalized design, binding, and book format. They have some tremendous options including blog books, cookbooks, wedding books, photo books, etc.

How to make your own book with Solentro 

There are numerous book options in which you can make adjustments by adding or subtracting page count according to your desire. We think it can be a good option if you want to give it to someone as memory or can make one for yourself.

Photo Book

It is a convenient way to gather your photos in one place and design a book that can take you down memory lane. They offer multiple options so that you can design it with your thoughts and be creative.

Recipe Cookbook

Another book you can make is a recipe book. It will make your life much easier in the kitchen to have recipes in a handy manual.


Year or graduation books are so much fun to design. You can have all your memorable moments written and have some words from your classmates too.

School Project

If you need some kind of book for your school project, Solentro can make your life easier. You can use different designs, fonts, and templates that are available at the site and can create a unique book for your school project.

Book of Remembrance

You can collect memories and photos of your family and can also ask them to write some words for you.

Wedding Book

Yes, it is true you can create your own wedding book. You can ask your guests to write a few words for you which you can read later and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Christening Book

You can make a christening book for your child which will be a precious gift for your child in his adult life. You can write about special events and other beautiful memories of your child’s early age.

Softcover Basic

This book is for someone who is interested in publishing his book. It is of the highest quality which is required for publishing.

Novel and Poems

If you are someone who likes to write poetry then you can create your own poetry book. You can design your book according to your taste.

Birthday Book

It is a great idea to gift someone or you can also create your own birthday book. You can add all the pictures from the event and have autographs of the family members who join in your birthday.

Retirement Book

If you decide to give a retirement book to someone on their retirement, it will be a lifetime memory for him. You can add memorable notes and pictures from all the colleagues and staff.

Can you rely on their return policy?

Solentro does not offer a return or refund policy as the book is customized according to customer preference.

Where can you shop at Solentro?

Solentro has launched its apps which are available on android and apple stores. You can download the app, customize it according to your choice, and then can buy from them easily.

If you do not want to download the app then you can simply go to their website, make an account and then make your purchase. Both methods are easy to use and understand.

Would you have Solentro make your book? We know the answer!

We think that having a memory in a book form is more exciting and heart touching. Sometimes you need to cherish all those moments and you can live them again by having a look at some book or album. If the album or book is designed and created by you then it has a more special place in your heart.

The customers of Selentro are basically youngsters who are keen to build up their memories in a unique way. They always have some creative ideas to make their personalized books more special.

How to get in touch with Solentro

Being an online company with a reputation worldwide, Selentro makes sure to give their customers an incredible experience.  We think you can find most answers in FAQs. Otherwise, you can email them.

Email: [email protected] .com

Contact: 040-78300

You can search for them on Facebook and other social media groups.

Facebook: Solentro-gor en egen bok

Instagram: Solentro .global

Final say about Solentro

We think that it is such a creative and fun way to store your memories in the form of a book. Moreover, you can add your personal touch to it by suggesting your own ideas. As there is no return policy so we recommend you just be sure about your purchase and then place an order if you are truly satisfied.


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      They make it so easy and the book always ends up looking professional. I’ve been using their services for years, can’t recommend Solentro enough!


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