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About Vape Bright

Vape Bright is a pure CBD vape company specializing in providing a pure, organic, and convenient way to utilize the limitless benefits of CBD. The company was founded by Jason Hand, the CEO of Vape Bright, with the help of their Chief Chemist Ben Smith in 2016. The company is extremely innovative, building on its research and improving continuously. It has been recognized as a market influencer for producing top quality, healthy, and safe CBD products.

Vape Bright uses organically-grown hemp, which comes from Scandinavian farms, produced under strict supervision following requisite standards and procedures. The hemp is then extracted using the CO2 method, which involves fixed temperature and pressure requirements to extract CBD without using chemicals. CO2 method also ensures that the rest of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, like terpenes, are conserved.

The color of the CBD oil is amber-gold after extraction, which means it does not contain any impurity and has been filtered properly. This combination of CBD with other cannabinoids, which is generally known as the entourage effect, makes the top quality product provide maximum benefits of the hemp plant. Another distinction of Vape Bright cartridges is that unlike other vaping companies in the market, they do not use a carrier oil like propene glycol (PG), which is considered toxic. All of Vape Bright’s products are lab tested by an authentic and reliable third party lab for its quality and potency. 

Vape Bright’s product line is mainly vaping focused. Vape cartridge is their key product, available in two potencies of 200 mg and 250 mg. Besides, they also provide Vape starter packs, battery, charger, and cases. Thrive CBD Vape cartridges is their first product. It contains 200 mg of CBD oil, which is free of carrier oil and PG; it costs around $45. Each Thrive CBD cartridge contains 20 servings, whereas the recommended serving size is ten inhalations. Each serving contains 15 mg of CBD oil and 10 mg of CBD. It is also available in packs of 3 and 5 at $128 and $202, respectively. 

Their second cartridge is Thrive Beyond CBD cartridge that is available in 250 mg of potency. It comes with the extra potent formulation and costs $55. Each cartridge of Beyond Thrive CBD vape contains 25 servings with each serving containing 10 mg of CBD. The recommended serving size is eight inhalations. It is also available in packs of 3 and 5 at $156 and $247, respectively. 

Vape Bright provides 30 days money-back guarantee to its unsatisfied customers. For any damaged or defected product, you must contact the company within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Vape Bright ships its products all over the USA and the EU. Vape Bright also offers affiliate, private label products, and wholesale programs. They also ship products in other countries, but you would be required to check the company’s same. You can reach Vape Bright by contacting them at the number (800) 805-0256, or you can also send your requirement to them through email at [email protected]


Select Vapes and their Products

Select Vape is a pioneer in the vape products industry established in 2013. It specializes in selling and distribution premium vape products that contain CBD extracts. They are currently selling over 1500 vape products and have over 100,000 satisfied customers. Select Vape’s products include Eliquid, Nicotine salt, premade coils, apparel, accessories, and gift certificates. The company is well known for selling kit style, a one-stop-shop that includes all essential items in a kit through different combo deals.

Select Vape offers top quality products of good brands at a comparatively low price. They provide free shipping on all of their products over $29.99 all over the USA. You can get free Select Vape’s Eliquid on every order. They do not sell to minors; you must be over 18 years to buy their product. Any defective or damaged product must be reported to the company within 48 hours. The company can be reached through their phone line, 714-884-4012, or email [email protected].      


What to Know about CBD Juul Pods

Juul is just like a vape pen, portable enough for vaping. Juul Pods are containers that can be easily attached to a Juul compatible device so that the liquid can be vaped. The CBD Juul pods are the one which can easily be attached with your Juul device. It is a comfortable and stylish way to Vape CBD. The thick smoke from vaping is formed by heating the CBD oil, which is present in the pod and vaping it through the e-cigarette. Since CBD Juul pods are filled with CBD oil and do not contain THC; therefore, it does not give you high. Due to CBD’s growing popularity, there are several companies in the industry that are making CBD-compatible JUUL pods. You can buy CBD Juul pods online from a reputable brand. Before buying them, you must ensure that there is no harmful ingredient included in it and contain top-quality CBD oil.    


Who Can Use the Vape Pen Charger?

Vape Pen Charger is one of the important accessories that you need to keep so that your vaporizer keeps working all the time. If you use your Vape regularly and smoke for longer durations, then its batteries will eventually run out and need charging, just like your mobile phone batteries. Vaporizer batteries are used to heat the CBD oil, turning it into vapors. 

There several different vaporizers available in the market, each with its different battery timing. You need to look for a charger that comes from a top-quality brand and matches your battery’s voltages and current requirements. The most commonly used chargers include 501 thread chargers, 601 thread chargers, and USB chargers. You can get a vape pen charger in the price range from $50 – $150. While charging batteries, make sure that you do not overcharge a battery because it can damage the battery. Moreover, ensure that you are utilizing the right type of charger to ensure your battery’s good health.          


How long does it take to charge a vape pen?          

Vaping is a famous and ancient way of taking cannabis oil. A vape pen or vaporizer is the critical equipment that is needed for vaping. Vape pen consists of a mouthpiece, a battery, and a cartridge. Vape pen heats the oil using power from stored in the battery. The oil then turns to vapor, which is inhaled by the user. If the battery of the vaporizer is not charged correctly, you will not be able to heat the oil, meaning you will not vape.

Therefore, it is very important that you keep the battery of the vape pen charged all the time. Since different vape pens have different batteries, time to charge a vape pen will depend on the size and type of battery used with the vape pen. Some of the batteries can be charged in half an hour, whereas some may take several hours to charge fully. Normally the vape pen batteries are charged in few hours. The type of charger being used will also affect the charging time.     


What is Propylene Glycol Vape

Propylene Glycol is an additive liquid used in food items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other areas. It is a kind of alcohol that is colorless and odorless. Almost all of the vapes use Propylene Glycol, which gives flavor and helps in producing the thick smoke that is characteristic of vape pens. Eating and drinking of Propylene Glycol are generally considered safe, whereas inhaling of Propylene Glycol can lead to some very mild respiratory issues like having trouble breathing.

Besides, that use of Propylene Glycol through vaping can have side effects, including itching or skin irritation, sore throat, allergic reaction, dehydration, and eczema. However, these side effects will differ from person to person and on the quantity of Propylene Glycol being taken. Generally, Propylene Glycol Vaping does not cause health issues. If you are allergic to PG, you should avoid Propylene Glycol vaping. It is recommended that you must buy top quality vaping products from a reputed brand.


How long should you wait between vapes?

It depends on the effect you are getting from vaping the liquid. Since vapors go directly into the lungs and transfuse into your blood, the effect is almost immediate. Vaping is the fastest way to deliver chemicals into your bloodstream. Therefore, you should take a puff, wait a few seconds to register the effect, and then inhale again. It would be best if you stopped when you feel you have attained the desired effect from vaping. 

It is an easy and convenient way to inhale cannabis liquid. There are different types of vapes available in the market, each having a different way of vaping. There are e-cigarettes, pocket vapes, pen vapes, and box mod vaporizers. Besides vaporizers, there are two major types of inhaling. One of the types is called mouth to lung inhaling, where you keep the vapors inside your mouth for a few seconds before letting it go to lungs and exhaling. 

The second technique is called direct to the lung in which you inhale straight to the lungs and then immediately exhale. The vaping equipment and vaping techniques affect the time required to wait between vapes. To Vape properly, it is recommended that you should take slow and longer drags. Taking it slow allows liquid to evaporate around the heating coil, giving you enough to inhale.   


Colored Vape Smoke 

If the smoke from a vaporizer could be colored, then you would see everyone using colored vapes. Colored Vape smoke is a myth with no evident proof of its existence in real life. Even if you add some coloring agents to the vape liquid, the smoke will still be white. Most of the e-liquids already have coloring agents added to them, but they don’t produce colored smoke. The vaporizer’s heating effect disrupts the coloring agent because of the high temperature at which the fluid is vaporized. So, the smoke will still be white when you exhale it. It is important to know that the compound that causes vapors or smoke in vaping is Propylene Glycol (PG), which stays the same even if you add a coloring agent to the liquid. 

However, some tricksters may exhale colored smoke using illusions and tricks. The smoke may appear to be colored because of interaction with colored light or some background effect.


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