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Firearms License

What is a Firearms License?

A firearms license is a permit issued by the government authority of a jurisdiction with a list of rules and regulations to follow that gives permission to the permit holder to own, purchase, and be in possession of a firearm. The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) is a federal law that regulates all firearm ownerships and requires that all firearm owners be at the minimum age of 18 to purchase and possess a firearm. The scope of the firearm permit ranges with the activities the permit holder is allowed to do with the firearm.


Where do you apply for a Firearms License?

A federal firearms license (FFL) can be issued with the U.S Department of Justice by completing an application form and posting it to the P.O Box address listed on the FFL – ATF Form 7/7CR with an attached application fee that is paid for. Once the application fee is processed, the Federal Firearms Licensing Centre (FFLC) will run a criminal background check on the applicant and then an Industry Operations Investigator (IOI) will then make an in-person interview with you to finalise the application process. You will then also need to complete a training course and then the license will be issued within a 90 day period. All the firearms license types available include class 01, 02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, and class 03 firearms license. 


Why are Firearms Licenses important?

Firearm licenses are important because they help to protect the firearm holders and those around them from potential harm. These licenses will also serve as a guide for the firearm holder prohibiting them from performing any illegal activities without deserved consequences. Firearm licensing laws prevent private illegal sales of firearms and any other loopholes and also prevents a great amount of potential homicides and suicides. 


How do Firearms License reviews help?

Firearms licenses reviews help in the essence of the application process by warning any potential firearm license holders about how others have dealt with the process. By reading reviews, they serve as a way of warning citizens of all the risks and hazards of obtaining a firearms license. 

The firearms license application process can be tedious which is why writing reviews can serve as a notice in advance for the realistic period of the application process. 

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