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What is Trading?

Surely, everyone asks what is trading? Well in simplest terms, trading is the activity known to all as buying and selling products and services. Global trade is a simple economic concept that has been around since ancient times which originally began in the form of barter. Barter is a trading concept that does not involve money but rather goods and services. Trading is a major aspect of our human society and it has evolved into international trade which opens the door for all countries to expand markets into the rest of the world. Traders are often individuals or finance firms/entities who buy and sell trading instruments such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and cryptocurrencies through trading platforms opened up with online brokers. Besides the majority, trading also consists of buying and selling goods such as clothing, appliances, and vehicles through trading companies.


What types of trading platforms and companies are there?

The most popular trading platforms and companies are mostly global. A trading platform is a software program website that is used for opening, closing, and managing market positions. Trading companies are regulated companies that handle buying and selling nationally and with foreign nations. Some trading companies host a trading show annually and  The most popular trading platforms and companies include:


How important are online reviews when choosing a trading platform or trading company to use?

Trading platforms and companies are supposed to offer consumers user-friendly interfaces with stability and proper performance as well as favorable pricing and better communication. You should also be aware of a trading company’s reputation before paying them. For this reason, potential traders should read reviews and be aware of the risks before investing their money. 

Writing reviews can be equally important when choosing a trading platform and/or company because it informs the platform and/or company of the quality of goods and services they are marketing to consumers and whether they need to improve on anything at all.

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