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KA-CN is a customer-oriented payment system

KA-CN (Shenyang Shangwei Technology Company Limited) is a Chinese online recharge company. It was launched in 2011 so that Chinese people can avail of recharge services easily while abroad.

Their goal is to help Chinese people so that they can purchase products and buy services from international companies online. They have a huge team of people that belong to some major companies like Tencent, Ali, Baidu, and many more.

They have experienced and professional staff. They work 24 hours to provide their customers with the best services. They are serving more than six hundred thousand customers in more than fifty countries around the globe.

KA-CN is a customer-oriented platform that believes in the idea that demand starts with consumers and ends when they are satisfied. They provide their services 24/7. They allow different payment methods through credit cards like Master, VISA, PayPal, and also different currencies that can be used for payment. They aim to provide you the best services in every part of the world.


Prepaid services you can put your trust in

They have provided their customers with multiple recharge facilities. You can recharge your account and can make international payments effortlessly.

Point Card

Point card is a card where you apply for membership and sign up for their loyalty program. You can use it at different stores for payment. KA-CN allows you to recharge your point card so that you can make payments.


AliPay is an e-wallet application. It helps users to save information on their accounts so that they can pay using mobile phones. With the help of KA-CN, it is now easier to recharge your AliPay account.

Taobao Shopping

Taobao is an online platform for shopping in China. You can recharge your Taobao account by using KA-CN services and pay for your shopping directly from that account.

Treasure Pavilion NetEase

KA-CN permits you to recharge your NetEase account to make online payments with a click.

5173 Purchasing

5173 Purchasing payments can be done using KA-CN too.

 Apple App Recharge

Some apps on the apple store can only be used after we buy them. For buying, you have to make payments through the apple store. Making it more convenient for their users, you can easily recharge your apple account using KA-CN.


What about their refund policies?

KA-CN allows return within a time period of seasons without any particular reason. We think they have done this to gain the trust of their customers. You can contact their customer care center and put forward your request, they will take care of the matter.

The overview of the refund method is as follows:

  • If you have paid through a bank card they will refund in the same way. The refund will arrive from 3-15 days depending on your country and card type.
  • If the PayPal payment method is used, they will refund in your PayPal account within 1-7 working days.
  • If the payment was done using the KA-CN account, you will get the refund instantly back in your account.
  • If you have done the payment using any other method, then you have to contact customer service and they will guide you about the refund process. Time varies according to different methods.


How can you also benefit from KA-CN?

You can buy the services and recharge facilities online only from their website. Payment can be made through a PayPal account or any other credit or debit card.


Who uses KA-CN?

We think that KA-CN is used mostly by Chinese who are living overseas or either in China. If they want to make international payments in stores which do not offer credit or debit cards, then you can pay using your KA-CN account.

It also allows you to recharge options of different services and accounts. We think it is of great help because it is easy to pay online rather than going to the bank and going through a long procedure.


A customer service you can call anytime

They have made sure that their customer services are available 24 hours. If you have any queries you can contact them. The website has a chat corner where you can put up your questions. Otherwise, you can also contact them by using the following means.

  • For online discussion, you can contact QQ 800088077 at any time.
  •  If you want to talk to customer service exclusively, you can dial the given numbers:
  1. 859220229
  2. 9808880700
  3. 188507804
  • We Chat customer services are also available 24/7.
  • Other than these, you can directly talk to them with the help of this link https://www.ka-cn.com/kefu.php.


What else to say about KA-CN

We think that it is an easy payment method through which you can recharge your different accounts. They have no issues with currencies and their services are available in many countries. It is a very good deal for overseas Chinese who are facing difficulty in this matter. Moreover, they have an easy refund policy which makes it easy for you to trust them and avail their services. Still, it is always better to have a better idea by reading reviews and talking to people who have any experience with them.




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      I don’t know what to say about Ka-Cn.com because I can’t find the real owner of the site as that is hidden on WHOIS. This is never a good sign. I wouldn’t risk it.


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