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Money Transfer

What is a Money Transfer?

Money transfer is the act of an electronic payment of funds from a cheque or savings account to another cheque, savings, or IRA account. The transfer is made on a network administered by a bank or other financial transfer services company. Money transfers are convenient for those who want to send money to a far location quickly and safely. A money transfer requires personal account details such as a name, account number, and bank branch number. The money transfer does not necessarily have to be made with the same bank, but it can also be made with an interbank transfer. All money transfers get approved by a domestic automated clearing house before it has been settled into the receiver’s bank account. 


What kinds of Money Transfers are there?

The two money transfer kinds include domestic and international. A domestic money transaction is one that takes place between two banks located in the same country and the sender may require a code in order to put a transfer in the act. An international money transaction is transacted in one country and settled in a different country. This type of money transfer uses a universal branch code or a SWIFT code.


What kinds of Money Transfer Apps are there?

There are many money transfer apps that can make domestic and international money transactions. Apps like PayPal show you how to transfer money from PayPal to bank accounts and Apple Pay also shows you how to transfer money from Apple Pay to bank accounts. Other apps that help you make money transfers include the following:


How important are online reviews when looking for a Money Transfer Company?

Online reviews for money transfer companies can increase the business’s online recognition and most likely attract new customers. For this reason, it is important to write reviews when you use a money transfer app/company.

Reading positive reviews is just as important because it can save you time that you may have wasted signing with a bank to only find out that it is not the correct service you are looking for.

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