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National.biz Reviews

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About National Biz

National Business Capital and Services is one of the top financial companies that provide small business loans and services marketplace of about 75 lenders. It is a privately held company that has over 100 employees. The company was founded in 2007 with its Headquarters at 1 Corporate Drive, Suite 202, Bohemia, NY US. Joseph Camberato, President and James Webster, CEO, are the founders of the company.  


What services are provided by National Biz?

The company can connect you with the best low-interest SBA loans, short and long-term funds, and business lines of credit, as well as a full suite of revenue-driving business services in real-time. The company has an A+ rating by the better business bureau. It has 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google, and 4.5 out of 5 stars on consumer affairs. The company has a 90% approval rate.

Moreover, there is no need for collateral while applying for a loan. The type of financing provided by the company includes small business loans, business line of credit, equipment financing, SBA funds, accounts receivable financing, startup business funding, franchise financing, commercial mortgage financing, and purchase order financing. 

The type of business services provided by the company includes answering services, bookkeeping services, HR, incorporation services, legal services, marketing, salaries, tax liens, telecommunication services, and utility services.


What is the application process at National Biz?

The company offers a fast and easy application process with approval in 24 hours or less. To apply, you must undertake simple three steps, including filling application, connecting bank statements, and speaking to an adviser. The information needed to complete your application include your name and phone number, email address, business name, and address of the business. It also requires yearly gross sales, desired loan amount, time in business, type of industry, the credit score (optional), and how you intend using your financing.


What are the requirements for a loan at National Biz?

The only requirement for a business to apply for a loan is that your company must be in the market for at least three months and should have annual gross sales of at least $120,000. There is no minimum requirement of credit score needed, and above all, you can use the funded amount wherever you want to use it as per your requirement. However, qualification for the loan may vary according to the lender and type of loan you plan borrowing.


How much can be financed through National Biz?

Since its inception, the company successfully secured over one billion dollars for small business owners all over the country. The company prides itself on a platform that has over 75 lenders. Besides financing, the company also offers various business services that help grow your business by streamlining your business processes. The company can finance a loan from $10,000 – 5,00,0000 for a period from six months to ten years, depending upon your requirement and program.  

65% of the business of National Biz comes from its existing customers. If you are unable to get a loan through conventional banks, you might have an opportunity to get a loan through National biz that provides you with a platform of marketplace connecting with over 75 lenders.

As far as fulfilling its social responsibility to the community is concerned, after securing financing for one customer, the company donates ten meals to the needy people in the country. So far, the company has given over 80,000 meals all across the country.


What happens if you are perceived as “high-risk”?

The company can connect you to a lender despite your perceived risk. However, a high factor rate might make it difficult for you to repay the debt. While applying for a loan through the company, you need to consider two things very carefully before finalizing the deal one is their lack of transparency, and the other one is potentially high-interest rates.

The company is by business owners for business owners. If you are interested in taking services of the company, they provide you with a business adviser to help you out in making critical decisions. The business advisor listens to your need and offers you a solution by matching you with the right type of lender and the right financing program that is best suited to meet your requirements.


Learn more about National Biz

National Business Capital provides you with an opportunity to finance when most of the companies may refuse it. It provides a high maximum amount of loans with very fewer restrictions on how to use it, which makes it worth considering when applying for a loan.

You can reach National Biz by contacting them at their NY office by dialing (888)-488-GROW, or you can also send your requirement to them through email at [email protected]

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