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LoanByPhone: You can have money in your bank in little time

LoanByPhone is a company founded by Allan Jones in 2003, it is a national leading provider of loan by phone. The company understands what it is like to face sudden expenses. So, that is why they bought ultimate mobility to the cash advance process and the payday loan.

The company always cares for its customers so when you face a true emergency, LoanByPhone wants to be a reliable source that you can access anywhere and anytime for the funds you desire.

Moreover,  LoanByPhone works to offer its customers the privacy, mobility, and convenience of applying for a $100 – $1500 cash advance or payday loan online. All the requests and loan applications are guaranteed private & confidential. Similarly, all the transactions are governed in accordance with the rules and regulations of your state of residence.

The company offers payday loan and cash advance services online in a state where their parent store, Check Into Cash, has an operating license.

The company provides services that meet the changing requirements of its customers. LoanByPhne serves its customers to the best of their ability to provide you with urgent cash on the go.


Loan Products

The company provides different variety of loan products that includes:

    • Payday Loan: These online payday loans are ideal for the one who needs to get an extra cash amount without visiting a store.
    • Installments Loan: These loans are repaid after a longer period along with a set number of scheduled cash payments.
    • Line of Credit: You can borrow as much as you like whenever you need it but within your credit limit. Moreover, you only have to pay the interest on the money you have used.


Services provided by LoanByPhone

The company provides many amazing services to its customers that are given below:

Things you will need to apply for a loan

The applicant must be at least twenty-one (21) years old to apply for the loan. You will need the following things to apply for a loan: 

  • Social Security Number
  • Your valid email address
  • Your proof of income (from your pension, job, welfare, or other sources)
  • An active checking account (that is open for at least ninety 90 days)
  • Your current cell/home and work contact number


Advantages of using LoanByPhone

LoanByPhone company is your leading mobile lender. They bring ultimate mobility to the process of the loan. You just have to apply on the go, get the loan quickly, and then manage your account all from the smart device at your fingertips.

Keeps you moving

The company is your one-stop money shop. With the speedy funding and application process of LoanByPhone, get the cash you need quickly. No matter what situation you are in, turn to LoanByPhone anytime and anywhere for urgent cash on the go. They make it easy for their customers to keep moving forward with their dreams.

Easy and quick process

The company’s simple and easiest loan application can be completed in just five minutes, and you can receive the approval within a few seconds. LoanByPhone provides money to its customers in as little as 24 hours!

Rate Calculator

LoanByPhone company provides rate calculator services to its customers, so you do not have to go somewhere else to know about the current rate of your currency. They offer fee calculator where you have to use the slider to adjust the cash amount and then see how their fees will affect your payback amount. They will tell you the annual Percentage Rate, fee amount, and your payback total. 


How to Reach LoanByPhone

You can reach the company by visiting their official website (www.loanbyphone.com). After that, you have to create a new account if you are new to the site and then login. On the website, you will find a form for applying for a loan.

You just have to fill a form with your updated information. Including your current source of income or work situation. After submitting the application, you have to wait for your approval. If you have approved, then you will receive cash in your account in less than 24 hours. This process is painless and confidential so you do not need to worry about your privacy. 

The other easiest way to reach the company is to call them at their toll-free number (877 577 797). Or you can visit their physical store and all the contact information is provided at the end of the article.


Contact Information

You can contact the company in so many ways, LoanByPhone always looks forward to hearing from its customers. All the contact information of the company is provided below:

Customer Service Department:

  • Address: 201 Keith Street | Suite 80
  • Cleveland, TN 37311
  • Fax: 877.577.7978
  • Phone Number: 877.577.7977
  • Email Addres:[email protected]

Office Hours of LoanByPhone

  • Monday-Friday, 8 am to 9 pm EST
  • Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm EST

Utah State Department contact information

For any questions, queries or complaints you can contact on following phone numbers:

  •  Phone Number: 877.577.7977

All the Utah citizens can contact the Utah State Department of Financial Institutions:

  •  Phone Number: 801.538.8830

Nevada Department contact information

The Nevada specific state department contact information is given below:

  • Address: Financial Institutions Division
  • 1179 Fairview Dr., Suite 201
  • Carson City, NV 89701
  • Fax: 775.687.5523
  • Phone Number: 775.687.5522

Office of the Commissioner 

  • Phone Number: 866.858.9851
  • Website Address: www.fid.state.nv.us.com


LoanByPhone is a famous leading company that provides payday loans to its customers. If you are facing an emergency and for that, you need urgent money then you have come to the right place. This company bought ultimate mobility to the cash advance process and the payday loan. They understand the emergency need for money. The company’s main goal is to satisfy its customers by fulfilling their needs.

The company provides many services that meet the changing requirements of its customers. LoanByPhne serves its customers to the best of their ability to provide you with urgent cash on the go. You just have to fill the form online and after the approval, you will get the loan. You can use this service anytime anywhere no matter in what situation you are LoanByPhone will always help you to fulfill your dreams. We will suggest you use their services for the best experience of your life.


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