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What is a Dating site?

The need for companionship is very important and the type of companionship we crave often changes all through our lifetime. Firstly, we crave the companionship of our parents, we are born and are toddlers till we get to the age of 6 to 7. We start to meet new people in school and other social events we attend at that age group such as in churches and the birthday of friends and we make friends.

At this point, we start to crave the company of our friends until we turn the age of 15 and 16. We get exposed to the world of dating and we start to crave the company of the opposite sex, one person who we could be our closest friend, and with whom we hope to spend the rest of our lives. We might be lucky to marry our first or the tenth and then we start to crave the company of our spouse. With time we lose our spouse or our children leave the house and we start to miss them.  For most of the relationships we crave for, they are family, and the only ones we mostly source for are dating relationships. Hence, there are some websites you can register on to find spouses.


What are the most popular dating sites?

The most popular dating sites are sites that allow people to search for a partner of the opposite sex with whom they can start a dating relationship. Some websites cater to older people who are looking for older people like themselves or a bit younger people for a relationship.


What kinds of dating sites are there?

Other types of dating sites include those that cater to people looking for same-sex relationships and older people looking for much younger partners for relationships without or without commitments.


How important are online reviews when opening a dating account?

Before opening an account on any dating site, it is important to read up on the dating site to be sure they can keep your data safe, their charges are not outrageous and how easy it would be to find the type of relationship you are looking for on their platform.

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