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What are Online Dating services?

Our world is more connected globally than ever before, yet many of us still report having difficulties meeting potential partners. The Online Dating sphere seeks to help likeminded people meet each other, in hopes that a relationship will form. Dating online has become extremely popular. There are a wide variety of websites and applications to support Online Dating platforms, many of which are geared towards specific groups of people categorized by class, gender, age, sexual preference, and relationship wants or needs.

Ten percent of Americans … 40% of single Americans—have used an online dating service.
–  Introduction to Social Media Investigation, Golbeck, 2015

There is a reason Online Dating is so popular today. Online Dating services are convenient, widely available, and generally easy to use. It is important to be vigilant, however, to avoid a negative experience. This is where online reviews become a great resource.


Why are reviews so important when considering an Online Dating Service?

Many of us seek to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences with someone special. Given that our daily lives are so busy, thanks to modern work values ands expectations, it may be easier to find a partner online. But there are risks that come with Online Dating. People may not be who they say they are, have ill intentions, or have different expectations in a relationship than what you are comfortable with. Online reviews for dating apps and dating sites allow relationship seekers to get an idea of who else is using the platform, how helpful the platform is when solving questions or disputes, and how it works to ensure the safety of its users.

“There are ways to keep yourself safer when online dating, including being aware of your behavior and how your devices work and how scammers operate.

eSafety Commissioner, 2021

Your safety should always be the first priority when using Online Dating services. Consider what you want to post publicly online, make sure you are up to date with current security protocols, and be aware of the tell-tale signs of scammers and online predators. Once you are confident that a platform will help to keep you safe, you can focus more on creating positive and lasting relationships with like-minded users.

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