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About car Lease services

Leasing a car may be a more affordable solution in the case of long-term, frequent or company travel, personal relocation, or when saving to buy a car. Car Lease services are different from Rental services in that they are generally long-term arrangements, and customers can essentially use the car as if it were their own. Insurance requirements also differ depending on Rental or Lease arrangements, and some Lease arrangements end with the option to buy out the vehicle.

“Differences between leased and rented vehicles include the time frame of use, provider type, insurance requirements, and ownership potential.”
The Nest, Kokemuller and Donohoe, 2019.

What to look for in online reviews:

    • Competitive pricing: Make sure you are getting the right level of service for your budget, and do not be afraid to mention comparative prices to other companies close by when speaking to your sales assistant.
    • Vehicle range: A Rental vehicle must suit your needs, regardless of how long you plan to use it. Consider a company that will have vehicles suitable for the amount of space you will need, the terrain you plan to travel on, and any extra features you may require.
    • Well-known brands: Brands and businesses that are well-known in the Automotive Industry are more likely to have a wide variety of reviews available for your research. They are also more likely to have appropriate insurances in place, advertise deals and/or packages, and provide extra support to you in the event of a negative experience.
    • Is the contract fair and in your favor? (read the fine print!)
    • Is there a minimum term or lock-in contract for the lease?
    • What excess are you required to pay in the event of an accident or theft?
    • Is the car reliable, safe, and mechanically sound?

Most car Lease services will require you to sign a contract before taking the car. Make sure to read this carefully to avoid hidden fees, and ask questions about the specific car you are intending to lease, as well as the company itself. Some Lease companies have a limited range of available vehicles, are overpriced, or charge their clients with hidden fees at the end of the lease period. Avoid this by researching online reviews before entering into a purchase contract.

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