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About Car Parts

All motor vehicles will eventually require repairs or replacement parts, no matter how well-built they are. When servicing your car, bike, or other motor vehicles, it is vital that sourced parts are of good quality. Considering the lucrative, profit-focused nature of the Automotive Industry, it is also important to make sure your mechanic is trustworthy if you send your vehicle away for repairs. Many a car owner has been told they need replacement parts when the opposite is true; some dealerships or private mechanics have also been found to sell faulty or unreliable parts, to ensure their customers come back as often as possible.

As well as checking with online reviews to get an idea of a company’s reputation, it may be a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of basic car parts.

What to look for in online reviews:

  • Competitive pricing: Make sure you are getting the right level of service for your budget, and do not be afraid to mention comparative prices to other companies close by when speaking to your sales assistant.
  • Well-known brands: Brands and businesses that are well-known in the Automotive Industry are more likely to have a wide variety of reviews available for your research. They are also more likely to have appropriate insurances in place, advertise deals and/or packages, and provide extra support to you in the event of a negative experience.
  • Long-term Warranties: It is always a good idea to ask for the longest term possible that is applicable to your warranty. This provides a safety net when replacing old parts with new ones, or when trying out a new company for your regular service.
  • Does the company advertise Quality Guarantees?
  • Will lost, stolen, or faulty parts be replaced free of charge?
  • How much are postage fees when buying parts separately?
  • How long will your mechanic keep your car when sending it away for service?

Millions of people around the world use their vehicles every day for essential travel. Without good quality parts, breakdowns are inevitable, and the consequences can be severe. This is why it is so important to research a variety of reviews before paying for parts or sending your car away for a service.

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