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Airport Parking

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About Airport Parking

Airport Parking is an automotive service provided by most major airports that allow you to board your car securely while you travel. Boarding is often run by the airport itself and located within the facility, but can sometimes be provided by private companies operating close by. The convenience of this service benefits many travelers, particularly those who want to avoid using public transport to and from the airport or are worried about their vehicle’s safety while they are away.

There are many suggestions to be found online on what to look for in an Airport Parking service. When reading reviews, it is essential to look for specific information regarding features of the service, not just recounts of good or bad experiences. Given that you are leaving your vehicle, which is likely a vital tool in your daily life, in the care of your chosen company, good ratings for specific services are key!

What to look for in online reviews:

  • Competitive pricing: Make sure you are getting the right level of service for your budget, and do not be afraid to mention comparative prices to other companies close by when speaking to your sales assistant.
  • Security cameras: Airport Parking services are often used for days, weeks, or even months at a time; your vehicle will be left overnight, likely in one location, for an extended period of time. This is a serious temptation for thieves. Security cameras help to deter this behavior and will provide peace of mind while you are away.
  • Proximity to the airport: While some airports provide bus shuttle services to and from Airport Parking facilities, others rely on your ability to travel by foot or access public transport to the airport grounds. This presents problems to those who have heavy bags, children in their care, or mobility issues.
  • Do you have appropriate insurance?
  • Are there package deals available? (long stays, frequent flyers, etc)
  • Can you keep your keys?
  • Are there promises or guarantees in place for lost, stolen, or damaged cars?

Many Airport Parking services are expensive, and some companies do not take proper care of boarded vehicles. Therefore, researching a variety of reviews before paying for an Airport Parking facility is extremely important. Consider a reputable company with great reviews to ensure good quality service.

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