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Buy the Huawei P40 Pro or the Huawei P40 Pro Plus? Here are the difference between the two!

huawei p40 pro plus

The Huawei p40 Pro handset is from Huawei p40 high-end series invented by Huawei in 2020. Moreover, this phone has a lot of good going for it. It comes with the ease of use because of its softer and round designs. It is the best affordable phone that comes with the latest hardware features making it user friendly.

Its significant design feature is an OLED screen that is delicately rounded on all four sides, rather than just the right and left edges. Swiping up the screen in any direction for multitasking and phone unlocking feels smoother than anything.

Moreover, it’s powered by Huawei flagship Kirin 990 processor with a RAM capacity of 8GB and has 256GB of storage, which takes the phone efficiency to the next level. This fastest processor changes the user experience of phone speed. It runs on the Android 10 operating system and EMUI10.1 software.

The 50 MP ultra-vision primary camera of the P40 Pro is so detailed, and its zoom is extraordinary. It comes with a delicate 12MP telephoto camera for close-ups and a 40 MP ultra cine camera. The camera results are amazing with natural effects. All the specifications of this phone are exceptional.

Display appearance

The Huawei p40 pro has a pretty great design and trendy look. It has curved edges making the surface of p40 pro so smooth and delicate. The frame of p40 pro is made of anodized aluminum. The front and back body is covered with glass.

Buttons and basic slots of the phone are easy to approach. High definition cameras of p40 pro make it the best phone to capture pictures at a day as well as at night time. It has face recognition and finger sensor feature for phone unlocking.


  • Width: 72.60mm
  • Height: 158.20mm
  • Depth: 8.95mm
  • Weight: approx.209g, including the battery


Protection is everything!

Face unlocking is used to unlock the phone as a password. It detects your facial features to unlock the phone screen or to access any private app. It will give you the fastest and reliable face detection, whether it’s day or night time.

While using a single touch, you can easily unlock your phone using fingerprint sensors. IP68 provides protection from rain, making it waterproof and accidental damages. It has a front gesture sensor and dual NPU. Both work together so that you can take a picture without touching or pressing the camera button.

In addition to this, it has a privacy notification feature if someone else looks at your phone, it protects all the data without showing any information. It has the highest level of security certification because of its microkernel system making all the verifications, transactions, and passwords safe on this phone.

Seamless work

You can open the laptop apps in your phone for different tasks by just merging the phone interface into a laptop. You can simply edit your laptop files or pictures. You can do multitasking without switching or closing any app.

Sharing data

You can simply transfer data wirelessly or without installing any app. Just by using Huawei share, you can transfer files to Huawei phones, laptops, and other devices.

Battery timing

It has a 4200 mAh battery, which provides high power efficiency to enjoy a full day with longer working hours. The 40W Huawei supercharge feature recharges the phone within a very short time.

Moreover, its 27W wireless charger makes it easy and fast to charge, providing the safest wireless option. You can save your charging time in the car as well by using the wireless car charger provided.

Gaming experience

One can have a real and thrilling gaming experience due to its high-speed software.


Ultra-high network speed provides the best and seamless 4k live streaming. It has dual sim features so you can multitask at a time by using both sims. Wi-Fi 6plus is enabled in it, and it supports 2G/3G/4G/5G/SA and NSA.

Overall drawbacks of the Huawei p40 pro

  • Google apps not available
  • Anemic app ecosystem not in China
  • Low-quality speakers
  • No headphone jack offered

That is it for the Huawei P40 Pro, now let’s have a look at its big brother, the P40 Pro Plus!

Huawei P40 Pro’s big brother

Huawei p40 Pro+ is the latest of all Huawei p40 series. In an unusual 2020, I could put in the picture that this is one of the best phones you could buy.

This phone also runs on Android 10, EMUI 10.1 software. You can enjoy your experience of power and speed with the cutting-edge Kirin 990 5G chipset. The camera of the Huawei p40 Pro+ is so unique, and it captures realistic pictures. 

The smart design improves your visual entertainment. So now, you can explore the future with this fantastic technology.


  • Width-: 72.6mm
  • Depth-: 9.0mm
  • Height-: 158.2mm
  • Weight-: Roughly 226g including the battery


Huawei P40 Pro+ Camera

Now you can talk for yourself using the ultra vision Leica Penta camera of p40 pro+ by capturing pictures anytime & anywhere you wish.

Never stop exploring the beauty of this world. Capture every moment and everything that you see. Huawei p40 pro+ offers you a 50MP camera, so now you can shoot everything whether the object is close or at a distance.

With a 32MP selfie camera, you can take unstoppable selfies at any time of the day.


Appearance & Design 

Impressed by the form and beauty of flowing water, the display of Huawei p40 pro+ is introduced. Its Quad-curve overflow display is made to terminate the barriers of imagination and vision. 

You can enjoy the clear view on the wide fluid screen of the phone with a 90Hz refresh rate. Moreover, the fixed middle frame and the defensive curved-corners of the phone enhance its elegance. This phone is available in white ceramic color.

Huawei p40 pro+ is polished to make it gentle and smooth. The back of the phone is made with the latest Nano-tech ceramic. 

The 50MP ultra vision camera allows excess light to enhance the clarity of photos. 

Dust and Waterproof

The phone is dust and waterproof. Do not charge the phone if it is moist or wet. Allow the phone to dry and then put it on the charger.

The dust and waterproofing are not permanent. Moreover, the resistance of the phone may decrease under certain situations. So carefully read the instruction book along with the phone.


  1. Gesture Sensor
  2. Infrared Sensor
  3. Gravity Sensor
  4. Fingerprint Sensor
  5. Gyroscope
  6. Hall Sensor
  7. Compass
  8. Proximity Sensor
  9. Ambient Light Sensor
  10. Colour Temperature Sensor


Some Pros of Huawei p40 pro+

Mentioned below is the list of some advantages of buying Huawei p40 pro+:

  • Excellent selfies
  • Iconic design and water-resistant body
  • Amazing battery life, fast charging wire, and charger.
  • Magical 10x zoom
  • Fantastic video quality
  • EMUI 10.1 Operating system
  • 512GB ROM + 8GB RAM


Some Cons of Huawei p40 Pro+

Mentioned below is the list of some disadvantage of buying p40 pro+:

  • P40 pro+ only allows an NV card for external memory.
  • Lacks stereo speakers
  • No Google services, which means that some application won’t run on the phone
  • 4k60 videos are not impressive


Overall Comparison of Both Smartphones(Huawei p40 Pro & Pro+)

P40 pro

  • Software: EMUI 10.1   Based on Android 10                
  • Display: 6.58-inches, OLED, 2640 x 1200, 90HZ 
  • Processor: Huawei kirin 990                      
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 256GB                                               
  • Camera: 50MP ultra vision camera f/1.9 aperture                            
  • Rare camera 2: 40MP Cine Camera            
  • Rare camera 3: 12MP super sensing telephoto camera 5X f/3.4 f/1.8 aperture and aperture OIS
  • Rare camera 4: 3D depth-sensing camera       
  • Rare camera 5: not available
  • Front camera: 32MP f/2.2 aperture Depth Camera                                  
  • Security: Fingerprint sensor, face unlock          
  • Battery -: 4200mAh


P40 pro plus

  • Software-: EMUI 10.1 Based on Android 10                      
  • Display-: 6.58-inches, OLED, 2640 x 1200, 90HZ
  • Processor-: Huawei kirin 990                  
  • Memory-: 8GB
  • Storage-: 512GB                                        
  • Camera-: 50MP ultra vision camera f/1.9 aperture                       
  • Rare camera 2-: 40MP Cine Camera     
  • Rare camera 3-: 8MP super zoom camera 10X f/4.4 aperture f/1.8 aperture OIS
  • Rare camera 4-: 3D depth-sensing camera       
  • Rare camera 5-: 8MP telephoto camera 3X f/2.4 aperture
  • Front camera-: 32MP f/2.2 aperture Depth Camera                           
  • Security-: Fingerprint sensor, face unlock
  • Battery-: 4200mAh


A dilemma it certainly is! Picking between the Huawei P40 Pro and the P40 Pro plus is not an easy task but we hope that after reading this article, you know which Huawei P40 Pro model you want to buy. However, both models are great if you are looking for a quality build smartphone that will last and keep up with the latest development like 5G.

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  1. The main key points here are camera upgrades and ceramic rear, if you want these go with the pro plus otherwise the p40 pro is a no brainer.

  2. If you already have a DSLR there is no need to upgrade to the pro +, just go with the pro, it’s an amazing phone.

  3. I think the 8gb of ram is way too low, especially for this price. I know this used to be a standard but this is 2020. I don’t see it running smoothly with a powerful game like Shadow Gun and there will surely be some overheating…

  4. I would definitely go for the 512gb headset, storage is a big issue for me. I know a lot of people who manage more than ok even with 32 gb but I store a lot of stuff, both work-related and personal, and that low space notification is a no no.

  5. I got the P40 Plus and I couldn’t be happier! The screen is a beauty, the oled does a great job in translating colors as realistic as possible. The camera, as expected, is way above other more expensive phones.

  6. I’ve checked both phones irl and they both feel premium, no weird, cheap feeling. The camera was a huge surprise, especially the selfie one. I don’t know how these guys do it but the details are amazing, I can see why people go gaga over this phone. I’m one of those guys that watches a million reviews video until he decides so I’m not completely sold YET but both these phones are great contenders.

    • Hi Charles,

      Thank you for reading our article about the P40 Pro and P40 Pro Plus, we really appreciate it!
      And yes, so far, all our readers that own one, have been positive so far, not even a single complaint about not having access to the Google playstoe.

      Kind regards,

  7. The headphone jack isn’t a con for me, I’ve used only wireless headphones for the past 3 years so no biggie. The main reason I’ve said no to a huawei phone is their ongoing US dispute which hopefully gets sorted soon.

    • Dear Bella,

      I guess we are all getting used to new things, not having a headphone jack is just one of many new things we are accepting

      Kind regards,

  8. The Huawei P40 Pro sounds like a great phone! I would definitely purchase one but the dealbreaker for me is definitely the lack of Google support. I rely on the Google ecosystem and it would give me a hard time if my phone would lack such. I hope Huawei and Google could patch things up, I think the lack of Google is taking a huge chunk of their potential sales!


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