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What to Know About P4 Multispectral

About P4 Multispectral

Agriculture is an activity that people used to consider to be conventional and old-school. But with advancements in technology, we begin to see much more of machines on the farms than humans. With state-of-the-art agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters, threshers, etc., and the latest technology to help them, the farmers have grown tremendously in the post-industrial era. Farm sizes have quadrupled, and acres of land can be planted and harvested by a handful of men riding giant machines. As drones become increasingly available for consumer use, entrepreneurs and innovators have found numerous applications for them.


What are these drones used for?

One of the drones’ innovative applications is applying commercial drones to agricultural services, a new and high-tech concept in the agriculture sector. DJI, one of the most reputable drone producers, took this initiative and developed drones specifically designed to assist and aid farmers in their agricultural activities. DJI is known for producing industrial quality high-class drones that are not be considered toys for playing, although there is no restriction on playing with one. 

The drones provide useful information to the farmer before, during, and after farming activities. You can even send out drones to inspect crops while sitting at the farmhouse. The agriculture sector has responded positively to this splendid use of the drones, and the demand for them is quickly rising. One of their most incredible creation in this regard is the P4 Multispectral, a drone that has redefined the humble farming activities. 


Get Data, There, and Then.

DJI never fails to amaze its customers, and the case with the P4 Multispectral is no different. The agricultural community was stunned to see how the flying machine provides data about the crops and plants with a button’s click. The integrated intelligence system, coupled with the images that the camera generates through its sensors, presents crop health and vegetation management, which was very difficult to judge without these drones’ availability. The drone also allows you to peek inside the surface and make essential decisions regarding the vegetation following the data retrieved from the drone’s NDVI analysis and the RGB imagery.


Camera Sensors

Though the P4 Multispectral has numerous other features embedded into it, no other trait can beat the unbelievable camera that the machine comes with. Six sensors, each of which has a different, useful function. An RGB sensor, assisted by five sensors for different colors and infrared, ensures that the imagery is explicit and provides valuable information. However, this is not the end; there’s more to it. Each sensor has a global shutter, and the final flourish comes in the form of a 3-gyro stabilized gimbal. All in all, rest assured, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this beastly camera.


Precise, Accurate, Exact

The P4 Multispectral drones aim to be precise, accurate, and fast. Agricultural activities demand a certain degree of accuracy and precision to make the right decision. Therefore, any machinery operating on the farm must be accurate. P4 Multispectral understands this demand and thus has been implanted with DJI’s conventional, great accuracy system. The centimeter-level precision that comes with DJI’s best series is also present in this particular model, which guarantees that the data you get is accurate. The CMOS sensors are aligned with the drone’s controller to exact the metadata that you get. Moreover, DJI’s guarantees that the drone’s cameras are well-calibrated for which the tangential and radial distortions are measured. When all of these attributes are combined, one can obtain good results that help farmers and agriculturists.


Powered by GS Pro

DJI is not only the leader as far as the drones themselves are concerned, but also leads the way when it comes to the applications that power these drones. One of their flagship and most useful application, the GS Pro, is always commended by pilots. Fortunately, it is the one that runs the P4 Multispectral. Thus, the flight experience is improved to a great extent. Flight information insights, planning flights, and various flight modes make the whole flight procedure quite comfortable. Some of the most salient features include 3D mapping, waypoint flights, and virtual fencing.

Updating with time is a necessity, without which success is not a possibility. Whereas people are still skeptical about the use of technology in agriculture, the results of those farmers who are already using it speak for themselves. Smartly managing your crops has only become possible due to such drones, and the P4 Multispectral, in particular, is something that can transform things for the agriculturists, thus must be considered by all individuals in the sector.

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  1. This is able to execute automated missions so you don’t have to do anything. And it works very well! I’ve already planned a few such missions and I just select one and there it goes. It’s great to have more time for other pressing concerns.

    • The cameras will see everything! If your crops have some sort of problem you will see it and decide on a course of action. I would have missed a lot of problems with my plants if it wasn’t for this drone.

  2. Its multispectral imaging is perfect for agricultural missions or for environmental monitoring among others. I saw it used by a farmer and the details it provides plus the 7 km transmission range is very impressive.

  3. People have always been skeptical of the “new”, being it the radio or just a damn freezer. The fact that agricultural drones are used successfully worldwide by thousands and thousands of farmers should be a strong indicator. Less developed countries could benefit from this tremendously!

  4. Just how cool is this?! Having the option to check on crop health with a drone instead of wasting hours manually inspecting your crops is a huge time saver. Not to mention the built in data analytics. Well done, DJI!

  5. DJI is really setting itself apart from its competitors and for a good reason. I still have my first drone, a mavic mini that I bought second hand from ebay and it’s in excellent shape.

    • Hi Josiah,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • DJI is known for making high quality drones. Like you said, even buying a used one will usually mean you’ll have it for a long time. Buying a new one and taking good care of it could mean you’ll have it for years to come.

  6. I know a lot of things are going wrong in this world but the idea of having this kind of technology available makes me have a little more faith. These drones could simplify a lot of processes in third world countries that rely on agriculture as a way of living.

    • Hi Parker,

      Yes, technology can be a turning point, let’s hope that we put it to good use and not for anything bad!

      Kind regards,

  7. Googling it right now and oh my god, this is so cool! My parents have a small garden in the countryside, nothing that would require a drone but the idea of using a drone to check or irrigate your crops is insane!


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