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What to Know About GPS Drones

about GPS drones

The demand for drones has been continuously increasing over the past few years. Drones converted quickly from a device of military oppression and surveillance to an affordable, high-tech, and fun consumer item. The drone technology is relatively much newer than other gadgets and tools available. Tech manufacturers and entrepreneurs have poured in millions of dollars to perfect drone technology.

Since drones were initially developed only for military applications, investors had to make the design smaller, portable, user-friendly, and affordable to successfully in the market. It has given the producers an incentive to introduce various drones and gain an edge over their competitors. One perfect example of this innovation and technological advancement is GPS drones. The GPS availability opens up many essential features that are valued not just by the newbies of the industry but also by seasoned professionals for whom flying any machine whatsoever may not be a problem.


Set Waypoints, Get Tension-Free

One of the most important and useful techniques that have come about as a result of GPS chips in drones is the waypoint set. It enables flyers to set particular waypoints to cross in their flight and see modern technology to take its course. With GPS navigation, drones are becoming a handy AI tool that can be programmed to perform preset functions. For instance, the Venom Pro GPS has become one of the favourite GPS drones in the pilot’s community due to its easy manoeuvrability and waypoint setting. 


What are the additional features of GPS Drones?

You can set waypoints for the drone to fly through using the drones handy map applications, setting waypoints in just some taps. The drone not only passes through the set path, but it also changes its altitude based on the landscape, which is possible because of the 3D coordinates available for the drone to interpret. The intelligent aerial device can patrol between locations while you just sit and monitor it through the camera. Moreover, if you are in a hilly area, you can set the drone to explore different waypoints and enjoy the beautiful sceneries from up above. 

Additionally, this feature has been of immense value to photographers and videographers who were previously unable to take full use of the HD cameras on their drones. The waypoint technology has allowed them to enable what is known in the technical language as ‘orbit mode.’ It is a valuable feature that makes the drone stay inside the pilot’s geofencing through the application. This feature is also commended and lauded by security agencies and officials for their surveillance features. They can keep their spy and security drones inside a particular area, ensuring better and fool-proof protection and security.


Take-off Location – Remembered!

Although great flyers, some pilots are not as responsible as individuals and often do not end up misplacing their drones or losing it because of a loss of signal. They have to compromise on various opportunities, such as long-haul flights taking care not to lose signal. However, GPS Drones can avail of this opportunity without being afraid of misplacing their expensive and valuable machines.

These drones are very intelligent and powered by high-tech GPS chips, which means they can remember the take-off locations. As a result, the drone misplacing chances are minimized significantly since the drone comes back to its original take-off point in case of communications failure with the pilot. The one-touch landing feature common in drones these days is even more beneficial when coupled with this fantastic addition. Convenience tops off as the pilot presses the land button, and the drone automatically comes to the take-off point for landing.


Automation is Maximized 

One feature that both newbies and professionals are seeking in a drone is automation. Whereas the newbies use it as an assistive feature, the professionals consider it as a helping hand in their flight. The GPS drones maximize this aspect of the flight as the drone takes maximum control of itself, hence lowering the pilot’s burden exponentially.

Based on the GPS waypoints, the drone can auto-pilot to the set location. The 3-dimensional coordinates ensure that the drone changes its altitude as per the landscape. Likewise, with the Follow Me mode, the drone stays in the controller’s particular range by itself. It means that the pilot can make the drone follow themselves through this function. This type of drone can also assist in specific missions that a human can physically not perform. 

The GNSS and RTK positioning facility can perform extraordinary rescue operations and security checks in tight and inaccessible places with ease. The drone sends exact pinpoints of its location, and with the help of auto-grid mapping, the drone can go into such spaces. This unique ability is one reason why such drones are lauded and highly demanded by security agencies. Many forces around the world rely on these drones for thorough security checks and monitoring. The hiring of GPS drones in itself vouches for the precision and high sensitivity of the chips placed inside these GPS drones. 


How to buy GPS drones?

When buying an expensive drone, every pilot wants their drone to be worth the price paid. An excellent way to know what you are getting into is to check with experts and consumers’ online reviews using these drones. In just a few short minutes, you can gain immensely from the shared community experience. 

The next thing is to get a reasonable price; you can do this by visiting tens of online wholesale retailers of drones and other tech gadgets. The company websites of drones are useful, but not for the best prices. You can find different packages, promotions, and offers on popular drone retailers like Hobbytron.com and others. 

So, if you are looking to buy a drone, a GPS drone is a good starting point. It not just ensures an excellent flying experience but also an easy and assisted one. When this combines with the other great features such as the HD cameras and long flight times, you can obtain excellent results.

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  1. I would love to own a drone with a Follow Me mode. I would have it follow me around and do all sorts of pranks on people 🙂 That would be so cool. I wouldn’t do anything bad, just have a bit of fun.

    • Dear Eric,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our article about GPS drones, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • I would like that as well. It would be so awesome to have all sorts of modes that you can use at will. Having a silent drone that can fly undetected would be pretty cool. Setting waypoints and saving the take-off location are very nice features.

  2. That’s horrible! I had no idea you could lose a drone just like that. I didn’t think about signal loss at all. The problem is that you need to invest a bit of money to get such a drone that has this capability. For beginners, like myself, a $100 drone is a good idea because we might end up damaging it and needing to get a new one. So I guess I will be flying close by so the signal is strong.

  3. A loss of signal can happen more often than people think so having a take-off location memorized can be extremely important! I wouldn’t buy a drone that doesn’t have this feature. Why? Because I lost a drone just because this feature was lacking and I lost the signal. I went searching for it but couldn’t find it.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thank you for reading our article about GPS drones, we appreciate you leaving a comment.
      Too bad that you lost your drone but a lesson learned!

      Kind regards,

  4. I am so glad you are educating the public on the importance of reading reviews before purchasing drones. I know someone who got scammed for a drone that I wouldn’t describe as cheap. He has since learned his lesson and I hope other people know that when purchasing a drone you should always go with a reliable retailer.

    • Hi Marcus,

      Yes, we really believe reviews can help you in saving the trouble of being stuck with something that doesn’t match what was promised to you.
      Listen to other customers, they will not lie to you if something wasn’t good, while businesses will not be completely honest with potential consumers.

      Thank you this.

      Kind regards,

  5. GPS drones are a good investment if you get the right one. It’s a bit on the costlier side knowing the technology integrated with it is on the higher end of the drone spectrum. I totally agree that reviews are important, I always look into those before buying something expensive. I am excited to purchase one soon! Wish me luck 🙂


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