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What to Know about DJI F550 before you buy one

DJI F550 drone

Suppose you are a hobbyist looking for a drone that fits your budget. You don’t have to go too far because some drone manufacturers like DJI make it easier for you by selling you fully disassembled drones with all the required components to satisfy your cravings. The DJI 550 Hexacopter is one of the excellent drones under 500 USD that you can buy. It allows you to assemble all the essential features that it comes with and launch your customized hexacopter.

DJI F550 Hexacopter

This drone falls under a series of DJI drone designs referred to as the Flame Wheel. The Flame Wheel drones come in three main versions, namely the F330, F450, and the F550. The F550 is the hexacopter, while the other two are quads. However, all the versions offer you the same features, including similar parts you can use in your assembly. However, the design of the F550 differs remarkably and will provide you with more stable flights compared to the other two. It also allows you to extend the drone’s functions into other realms such as drone photography and videography. The hexacopter is an exclusive product because it was manufactured for a unique niche market. Nicknamed The Flame Wheel, it is a complete do it yourself hobbyist solution.

The Specifications for the DJI F550 hexacopter

  • Has a diagonal wheelbase of 550mm
  • Uses a 3S or 4S 5000mAh LiPO battery
  • The recommended motor of 22mm by 12mm
  • The frame weight is 478gm
  • The recommended size for propellers is 10 x 3.8in or 8 x 4.5in
  • Comes with a DJI DT7 flight radio
  • F550 landing skids
  • There is an F550 PDF user manual
  • Choose between a Naza V2 or DJI WKM autopilot system

What makes the DJI F550 a hit?

The F550 is the hobbyist’s dream come true, and many companies that sell drones advertise it as a barebones kit that drone enthusiasts can build up from scratch to suit their desired specifications. Unlike in the past, when you had to order different components from diverse suppliers and attempt to make them work, the F550 comes with all the necessary parts and the DJI quality guarantee. Assembling should be a walk in the park, even for novices. All components are correctly labeled, and the most difficult tasks such as mounting of the PCB has been done for you. It comes with a combined PCB, so you only need to proceed with the mounting of the easy parts such as the autopilots and ESCs.

The Main Features of the DJI F550 Hexacopter

If you are an enthusiast and like doing things yourself, the F550 has everything you need to build a high powered drone that will take the flying fun to the next level. Suppose you have been involved in drone assembly in the past and have experienced the difficulty of sourcing compatible parts. In that case, you will appreciate a kit that simplifies everything for you.

Heavy-Duty Materials

The F550 has an attractive frame that is made of DJI quality. It is highly durable so that you can use it for the long haul. The frame will mainly resist the falls for quite some time. The frame’s panel is also crafted from a tough and resilient PCB material that gives the drone excellent strength and support.

Comes with a Pre-Built PCB Wiring 

You might be a drone flying hobbyist, but you are probably not an electronic or electrical engineer. DJI makes the assembly easier for you by offering you a kit with built-in PCB wiring. This also simplifies the process of wiring the ESCs and the battery, allowing you to assemble your drone a lot faster and launch it in flight.

Installing the GPS on my DJI F550

The GPS installation is usually simple and straightforward but could be complicated by the type of controller installed on the board. Before proceeding with the installation, please read the manual instructions on how to mount the GPS correctly. The next step is to calibrate your compass and begin your test flight only.

If you are looking to add something extra, you can take it a step further by adding a gimbal and a Bluetooth data link from DJI. For additional functions such as photography and videography, you can also go ahead and attach a compatible GoPro camera for capturing high-quality images.

The Bottom Line

If you are a hobbyist, this is the perfect drone for you. The DJI F550 is a fully kitted DIY hexacopter kit that is suited for beginners and professional hobbyists who would like to build a drone to their liking. Flexible design means that you can add components to extend functionality to meet your desired needs. The DJI F550 drone is optimized not just for the best video performance but also for good flight performance. However, it is always good to read reviews before opting for a shop to buy your drone.

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  1. Lockdown taught me that I need more hobbies. I go mad spending so much time doing absolutely nothing so after falling through a youtube black hole and ending watching hours of drone videos here I am. Thinking of building a drone for aerial photography mostly so this would be a great buy.

  2. Am I being extra paranoid or is one year warranty not enough?

    • Hi Rylan,

      Thank you for reading our article and leaving a comment, means a lot!

      The longer your insurance lasts, the more secure you are!!

      Kind regards,

    • Same here! It’s not like they have affordable mid-range products, they charge a LOT but somehow they think this is appropriate.

  3. So happy I went with this, it was the perfect base for my first diy drone project.

  4. The bicolored arms are a great idea. Initially I wanted to replace the red ones but I soon changed my mind, it’s great for orientation. Easy to put up together, a nice choice for drone-enthusiasts.

  5. Horrible experience, mine was faulty from the get go. This was my first and only time buying a dji product and their customer support couldn’t be less helpful if they tried, never again!

    • Hi Marcus,

      We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with ordering a drone from DJI.
      How did you solve the issue?

      Kind regards,


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