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What are UFO Drones?

ufo drones

Drones, a new technological gadget that has become the latest sensation, are now available in the market for public use in various shapes and sizes. No one could have thought possible before this that the markets would be selling out modern science and engineering marvels like toys. But be warned, Drones are no toys. These are the machines that the adults and the younger ones can enjoy together. Amongst them, the one that has proved to be the hot-favorite and was received with great appreciation and applaud are flying birds from UFO drones.

UFO Drones have been a significant attraction for many science enthusiasts who wish to know more about space life. The drone is shaped like weird alien-looking UFOs that can hover and spin on their own. This impressive feature, coupled with the small flying machines’ demand, proved to be a lethal combination, thus justifying the high demand in the market for them.

UFO drones are not much different from the conventional quadcopter drones as far as the utility and mechanism are concerned. However, from the looks point of view, these drones provide a different and unique look. They are enclosed in a circular case with circular lights blinking in a mesmerizing fashion.

Moreover, the drone itself seems to be slowly rotating around its axis, just like UFOs do. The whole thin presents a very calming site, plus the unidentified flying object reacts to your hand when you bring it closer to the drone. On top of it all, the starting price of the great drones is just above twenty dollars. The demand for these has been skyrocketing ever since their initial release.


Get Higher Protection & Safety

The UFO drones are liked and praised by the masses because of their enclosed design, ensuring more excellent protection and safety. They come in a plastic cage, ensuring that the machine’s internal components are not affected when the drone crashes or collides with other objects. The enclosure around also makes the drone safe and secure for kids and minors as the sharp wings otherwise could prove damaging.

There could also be a potential harm to the people around them if the manufacturer exposed the drone’s fast-spinning blades. However, with UFO Drone’s intelligent and safe design, its blades are safely tucked inside the casing. Since any harmful prospects are ruled out, they are the first choice of parents who wish to buy their children a flying machine.


Aesthetically Amazing Looks!

UFO drones are known for their striking and fascinating looks. Apart from the technicalities of the drone, they are bought frequently because of the enthralling looks. The drones come with LED lights and shiny and fancy colors. The Flynova UFO drone is one example of this enticing range. They come with neon-styled lights and offer a very appealing vision, especially when you fly it in the dark. Lately, enthusiasts, adventurers, and event organizers have been using UFO drones for making gigantic light formations and shapes in the night sky.

So is the case with Cheerson CX-31. It’s unique; the disc-like design does not fail to impress the viewers and intrigues them to have a closer look. The drone has a safe yet alluring look, multiplied by the small size and flashy emblems and stickers found on it. All in all, these drones attract children and younger enthusiasts, in particular, like a magnet.


Easy to Fly

Whereas some of the drones available in the market are quite difficult to fly, UFO drones aren’t one of them. With features such as gesture control and altitude sensors’ placement, the flying task does not remain difficult at all. Moreover, most of these drones come with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled controls. It means that with the help of mobile applications, one can easily control the drones remotely. Moreover, it makes handling even more straightforward as these apps are very assistive and ensure that it flies smoothly. Additionally, the drone also pleases the masses with its stability sensors, guaranteeing a smooth flight regardless of the pilot’s skill and ability.


Same, Heavy Duty Performance

Many customers disregard the UFO drones as kids’ play and think that they are not equally powerful because of the other features found on this drone; however, this is the mirror image of the truth. These drones, just like their quadcopter counterparts, can provide an immersive and challenging flying experience.

The best example of this trait is the Panther UFO drone. This particular machine comes with a 4.5 channel, 2.4Ghz controller that ensures a distant reach. The controller also has an LCD, makes navigation and altitude control exponentially easier. The high-definition video camera is a delight for all people who have a keen eye for aesthetic scenery. It not just captures high-definition videos at an incredible frame rate but also can capture breath-taking shots.

The 360 degrees flip and stunt mode guarantees a high degree of challenge and complication for pilots who consider themselves professionals. The removable Li-Po 7 Volts, 850mAh battery, charges swiftly and can give a flight time of up to thirty minutes.


Should you check drones with reviews? 

The wide range of drones available in the market makes it very difficult for flyers to choose the right one. For someone looking to buy a unique and different drone that looks beautiful and ensures an exciting and testing flying experience that intrigues the flyer to test their abilities and skills to the maximum, the UFO drones are a perfect choice. However, with the stability and assistive features, this drone can also be a trial one for newbies who wish to get a gist of this industry.

Look for online reviews and comments from consumers who have already used this product and can provide an honest opinion about its pros and cons. Some drone features might not be clear from the company descriptions, and it will help if you watch some flight reviews from experts and enthusiasts. Once you have decided, feel free to order from any reputed site.

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  1. Fun for the whole family. We play with it by guiding it with our hands, the only con is the battery, it runs out pretty quickly.

  2. I second this! We bought a fun looking one from amazon which came with a cracked propeller. Asked for a refund and bought another one which simply didn’t start at all. Finally we bought one from our local target and that worked ok.

  3. These are great to introduce your kids to drones but you might have to do some browsing before finding a decent one.

  4. My daughter loves hers. She got a no name one for Christmas and she’s been playing with it daily. It’s fun, cheap and even the doggo seems to be a fan.

  5. I get you! I joined the drone family after seeing some random videos and was soon hooked. Definitely not for kids, some of the drones you’ve mentioned might be crazy powerful but they’re tons of fun and if you end up crashing it no biggie.

  6. Fell through a rabbit hole last night and ended watching a lot of drone reviews and woke up wanting one. These are all cool suggestions for noobs like me, will start with these! Thanks guys!

  7. Will read more reviews when I get home but it seems I just found my next buy. The Cheerson CX seems to be an easy to fly drone at a great price. This will be my first drone so I need something inexpensive and foolproof. The enclosed propellers are a huge plus, this way I don’t have to constantly worry about messing them up.

  8. Bought the Panther ufo for my nephew and he’s been crazy about it! If you have a kid this is the perfect Christmas gift and it’s a good startup drone to help them learn how to fly it.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment and we hope you enjoy your playtime with your nephew.
      And the panther drone is an awesome pick.

      Kind regards,

  9. I never buy anything without checking the reviews section first, regardless if returns are available or not. It’s way more hassle-free than going for an impulse buy and then spending weeks returning the product.

    • Hi Samuel,

      Thank you for reading our article and visiting Checkwithreviews.com, we really appreciate it!
      And yes, always read reviews before buying, you should be a lot safe with reviews when buying online!

      Kind regards,

  10. I have yet to see a UFO drone in real life, but I would have to agree in pictures as far as I can say they definitely look aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if price wise they are more expensive but by the looks of it they seem to be. Although I might be wrong!

    • Hi Kyle,

      Well, a UFO drone is something that we have never seen outside, only in showrooms or test flights.
      Quite fun to fly, and gives you that “alien experience” that you will not have with other drones.

      Kind regards,


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