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Skyhunter drones reviewed for you

Skyhunter drones reviewed

Foldable model? Photography aerial? One key return and one key disembarkation?  Headless mode? WIFI and power of transmitters? Does the current Skyhunter have all the roles you want – Simple to control, simple to bring. It has never been so quick to fly a drone.

SKYHUNTER is an excellent UAV with manually foldable arms and landing skids, making it barely more significant than your hand. It is ready for the box to fly out. Hence, for outdoor activity, you can place the drone in almost any pack. This drone has One Key Takeoff, One Key Landing, and One Key Return are readily available. SKYHUNTER is a multicopter intended for beginners so that you can fly the drone with ease. Without a doubt, SKYHUNTER is one of the most common portable drones on the market.

What are the features?

  • The Wifi transmission system offers fast and enjoyable FPV flight systems
  • The camera can take pictures and record videos at 0.3MP
  • Set the height function of the barometer to precisely hold the height
  • Foldable, compact, and easy-to-carry style
  • 3D eversion, headless mode, one-key takeoff/landing, one-key return feature for relaxed flight, H/L speed mode
  • 3.7V 650mAh Li-po Battery for a working period of around 5-7 mins
  •  2.4G 4CH transmitter upgraded for quick monitoring of your
  • The new 6-axis flight control system offers super-stable flight control systems.
  • The unique configuration of the fuselage and high-quality painting, exceptional appearance

Pricing: is it affordable?

You might have wanted a drone but possibly have to drop the idea because of the price. As it goes, good-looking ones start at around $1,000; and mostly, the toys mimic you would find in a cereal box at the stage below that.

Recently, there is an attractive folding drone on both the drone and the controller with the decent build quality. It is not a cheap-feeling; it is robust and has an incredible all-around range of pricing capabilities (as low as $53). Skyhunter offers this package, and you can research where to buy quality drones to save you some stress.

Is it convenient to fly?

It is handy folding up, convenient if you want to e-bike out to where you will fly it. You can clip this to your belt or some rear seat post and mount it on the bike if you want. The propellers fold away, and it is okay that they are loose because it makes no difference when in flight.

Here is the box in which it comes. The packaging also creates a handy carry case. The controller looks pretty. It has some rubberized finish for good grip and a fold-away clip to attach to your phone that does not feel cheap or plasticky. That is so you can use the FPV feature where the drone displays a streaming video from your phone.

It has its small LCD screen that shows you the drone’s calibration detail, link power, whether the bottom LED lights are on or off, and so on. There is an odd downward motion, so you must make an upward thumb stick motion to “unlock” the drone before it flies. Another dual thumbstick gesture is also required to pair the drone with the controller’s frequency when you use it for the first time. Indeed, it has a fold-away ‘legs’ landing from the underside, which many cheaper drones do not.

What is the battery durability?

The battery section door has air holes to prevent the battery from getting too hot, but it is still warm by the end of a flight. What looks like a micro SD card slot is blocked and not meant to be used.

What makes it so crappy is that it looks very similar to the same size as the more traditional format from some angles. Therefore, you can purchase a spare battery for the drone.

It’s better to charge its battery one at a time. Suitable for getting started, but for four additional batteries from other companies, it highly suggests springing, as the octopus charger can handle five at a time. You will also want to charge them from a power bank. You can only use that to charge the power bank if you have solar and then use it to charge drone batteries.

In this way, when waiting for the drone batteries to recharge, you do not have to leave your bag sitting in the heat; the battery bank just opportunistically soaks up any sun you catch while walking/cycling.

Take Away

Skyhunter is perfect for beginners, and all reviews about this drone point to its effectiveness. Get on board and enjoy a thrilling flying experience.

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  1. I can’t afford to spend 1k+ on a drone so this will do for now.

  2. Getting this asap! The X8TW SKYHUNTER Foldable RC Pocket Drone seems to be a nice option for beginners like me. The vid quality is quite decent, it will be great for practice.

  3. Thinking of getting one for my nephew, he’s been hinting about wanting one for some time. Being foldable makes it easier for him to carry around. Not expecting much but hoping he can get some experience until we upgrade him to a more expensive model.

  4. The wifi signal is not that great if you’re not super close to it. Otherwise, a decent choice for a beginner.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you for reading our article about Skyhunter drones, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • The batteries last 5 minutes tops, make sure you pack extra, they will run out in an instant.


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