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More About The T1 620L Drones

About The T1 620L Drones

There is no doubt that drones are becoming more popular day by day as they become more advanced and integrated with our technology. The most astonishing new arenas that drones are performing well in is the agricultural sector. At first, photography and military applications were the main professional buyers for drones, but the agricultural market has shown immense potential for drone usage. 


Why are farmers using the T1 620L?

The T1 620L is one of DJI’s most successful drones helping farmers make smart and informed decisions about their crops. The T1 620L is a professionally modified drone with military-grade sensors that can detect even the landscape’s tiniest changes from a high vantage point. It can pinpoint exact colors, follow and record the harvesting activity, and collect critical data for the farmer. Drones like the T1 620L assist the farmer in decreasing their workload and increasing the crops’ production, keeping track of it by giving the farmers a bird’s eye view of their farms.


Key features of T1 620L

The T1 620L has a spray tank that can carry up to 16 liters of liquid spray used to spray crops with pesticides, herbicides, or whatever the farmer wants. The drone can spray on to an area up to 6.5 meters wide, and it can easily cover up to 10 hectares per hour. The drone is way more efficient than the latest spraying machinery and costs way less to operate. Its modern look makes it more admirable with an all-new modular design making it easier to swap both the spray tank and the batteries. 

Redundancy Systems

The T1 620L features an RTK dual redundancy system and an avionic redundancy system; this system helps the drone keep track of its path. The tracking is crucial for avoiding spraying over the same area. The core module of T1 620L with the rating of IP67 makes it easy and a lot less complicated for maintenance. The foldable aircraft arms make the drone portable. 

Monitoring Crop growth

It is an essential part of farming to maintain a healthy crop and look out for troubles. The Agricultural drones give the farmer a clear aerial view, making it easier to maintain the crop’s quality and production. With the T1 620L wide-angle FPV camera and spotlights to give you an exact HD video resolution with a range of up to 3 km and ensure flight safety during the day or night by monitoring the aircraft operation, rest assured.

Reduced labor, more efficient

Modern technology has been helping humanity in all ways possible. We are surrounded by tons of machines which make our daily routine tasks seem easy and comfortable. In our busy lives, our utmost priority is to save time and effort. The T1 620L drone keeps that goal in mind. It allows a pilot to control five T1 620L drones with a single T1 620L remote controller simultaneously. The result reduces labor, and there is no need to spend a lot of money by renting a satellite, airplane, or other ariel services.

Modes and Reliability

The T1 620L is a versatile machine. It has different modes for different environments and lands. It can work on plain fields and orchards and in the mountains with a suitable set of modes.

An agricultural machine should be reliable as faulty operations can harm valuable crops. Moreover, these machines need to be sturdy since they are working in a harsh and uncompromising environment. That’s why T1 620L drones have a light yet durable hardware and not to mention the DBF imaging Radar that allows the drone to fly over different land accordingly. When a T1 620L drone comes across an obstacle, it does many things.  The T1 620L senses the obstacle locations and the distance between them. Therefore, making it change the flight path automatically. Your drone will smartly bypass the barrier and resume spraying.


How about the T1 620L  reviews?

Now, suppose one is investing a substantial amount in a high tech gadget such as a drone. It would be very wise to check the online reviews first and see any promotions and offers on famous drone retailers like scorpiondrones.com and others. Also, find tutorials on YouTube and listen to expert advice. If you are interested in buying these spectacular T1 620L drones, which comes with many functions, you can buy it from different websites.

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  1. The T1 620L is such a powerful machine. It’s great seeing it fly, do its thing and then also being able to avoid obstacles and do well in storms and other bad weather.

  2. 10 hectares per hour is not bad, not bad at all. It can spray more per hour than any other machinery or device and it costs less to operate. And things are only going to get better with new improved drones.

  3. It’s easier than ever to both take care of my crops and make sure nothing bad happens by monitoring it from up in the sky. I never believed this would be possible in my lifetime!

  4. For me the price is a bummer! A decent drone is way too expensive thus making it irrelevant for the common farmer…

  5. I can see these drones doing programmed actions, actions that don’t require human assistance and even being able to land on their own. How cool will that be?

  6. We plan to access EU funds for an agricultural startup and I’m doing my best to keep things as sustainable and organic as possible. I’ve seen drones doing insane work and that convinced me to invest in my own drones, the amount of time saved is well worth it.

    • Dear Nolan,

      Nice job to apply for EU funds, hope your application gets approved.
      Also, drones do the save a lot of time, which you can spend on other things.

      Kind regard,


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