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FRSKY X10 reviewed so that you can read all you need to know!

FRSKY X10 reviewed

Frsky has implemented a highly sought-after improvement to the X10 Express; a battery compartment door! Before the flying day is done, no more thinking about running out of juice. A new Bluetooth module has been added that supports PARA’s wireless trainer role and will soon add new features in companies that sell drones.

This new gimbal not only looks super smooth but flies super soft, completely CNC’d from aluminum and riding on ten ball bearings. How? The additional accuracy comes from the Hall Effect encoder system digital rather than analog. It means that the gimbals are more sensitive and have a higher resolution, resulting in higher accuracy.

What are the changes in X10 FrSky?

FrSky merged the best features of the X9D and the X12 into a new radio. Start with the radio’s fantastic looks, now add the company’s best color screen, Hall Effect gimbals, excellent ergonomics, and virtually everything else people have been asking for on previous FrSky radios, and you have a home run.

The first two aspects that hit the X10 immediately are how easy it is to keep it. The gimbals are smooth and velvety, and the switches and pots feel very comfortable to the fingertips. A new feature is the neck strap mount; robust but not intrusive, hanging the radio at the correct angle.

The X10 also supports the excellent OpenTX firmware for those who want more flexibility in companies that sell drones than a menu-driven OS can bring. The X10 has a 480 x 272 color screen readable for daylight TFT. The X10 has a 480 x 272 color screen readable for daylight TFT. The wide color screen and encoder wheel make it quicker and easier to access and program than an X9D, and not by a small margin either.

What are their characteristics?

  • Digital interface of the high-speed module with ACCESS protocol mounted
  • Supports the role of the spectrum analyzer
  • New Wireless Training Device PARA
  • Lower-latency high-speed training device
  • Dual internal antennas and a single external detachable antenna work together to create a stable link.
  • Detecting antenna and warning SWR
  • Supports a balancing charge for 2S Li-battery with Mini USB interface
  • Battery compartment readily accessible

Is FrSky X10 affordable?

Many people sometimes ask this question, and I am sure it has also been going through your mind as you read this review. With all the exciting characteristics it has, it is natural to challenge affordability. But the reality remains that it is very inexpensive; companies that sell drones have this item in stock for an affordable and welcoming price.

Between X10 and X10S, is there any distinction?

The sticks are the only distinction between the X10 and the X10S. M10 for X10 and M12 for M10S (10 bearing configuration, PWM signal (no ADC), complete aluminum design). And the X10S color scheme is only available in the carbon-fiber method. In the future, with M12 Hall sensor gimbals from X10S radio, we will be able to upgrade X10 radio (at least FrTX OS has this option), but we must be careful if we change M10 to M12 and vice versa without changing its form in FW, the mainboard could be affected.

What are the advantages of X10?

  • Classic contemporary architecture
  • Enhanced fabrics
  • Feels more costly
  • Wide Screen Color
  • Fresh iXJT+ 3-antenna iXJT+ module
  • External detachable antenna, detachable
  • Additional switch for 6POS
  • 2 x extra trims
  • Dedicated Smart Port for flash receivers and sensors and modules for tuning and flashing
  • LiON 18650 standards, much faster-charging batteries
  • iOS and Android wireless trainer and telemetry downlink app
  • Hall Sensor Gimbals Stock M10
  • Power button with indications of LEDs

About Battery X10

FrSky claims a power consumption of 350mAh. But test shows it at maximum brightness to be 400mA. It implies that the battery stock should last at full brightness for about 7-9 hours (in fact, tested). The 1.5A FCX10 charger outputs were supplied, meaning it would take around 1.5 hours to recharge. As reported on RCG, you can feed 12V from the car charger to FCX10, although the 17V supplied by the stock wall charger, and the charger works fine. So, it solves the issue of charging in the sector.

Conclusion about the FRSKY X10

This radio, in general, feels very balanced and easy to use. It is so fascinating that you would gladly face all the difficulties of getting used to the treatment instead of using it in the future. You can learn more about how it works by reading users’ reviews on Check With Reviews.

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  1. Yes, it takes around 7 hours for the battery to deplete completely for me. It never lasted 9 hours for me, not even in its first days. At most it lasted around 8 hours max.

    • Maybe you’ve had it at full brightness for most of the time and that’s why you only got 7 or 8 hours. I’ve reached about 9 a few times so it can get there depending on the level of brightness. Anyway, a good product overall.

  2. The enhanced fabrics makes the X10 look and feel like a more expensive item. I also like the Hall Effect gimbals and the excellent ergonomics this has. Well done, FrSky!

  3. The FrSky X10 is one of the best things the company has released. I like they listened to people and implemented a lot of the things people wanted to see.

    • Hi Camden,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • Yeah, it’s always nice to see a company that listens to its clients. A lot of the things we wanted, they delivered on. FrSky X10 is the best radio FrSky ever made, bar none.


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