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Drones and their Modern-Day Applications in 2020

which drones to buy in 2020

Drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, were initially exclusive to the military and maybe some firms that have sufficient budget to service it. But recently, they have become common amongst professionals and have found various uses in different fields. Their relevance extends to agriculture, photography, security, monitoring activities, surveys, and others. From being an exclusive reserve of the military and highly-placed persons, drones have become incorporated into so many fields, offering many uses such as;

  • Delivering items, especially to remote places.
  • For games and fun.
  • For aerial mapping and surveillance.
  • Delivery of news and information.
  • Weather analyses.
  • Drones are useful for Research and other activities.


Buying Affordable Quality Drones: How it Works

As a rational buyer, you would aim to get quality at affordable prices. If you can save some money from drone purchases, you can get enough cash for its maintenance and must-have accessories. For instance, if you’d be needing your drones for long flights and adventures, you need enough spare batteries, large memory cards, a carrying case, and perhaps spare propellers. Similarly, entry-level users and those whose budgets cannot match the sophisticated and expensive drones can find assistance with cheap ones that are nonetheless good. However, since affordability can be relative, check below to see the affordable drones you can buy based on price range.

  • Best Drones Under 200 Dollars

Examples of these less than 200 dollars drones include Holy Stone HS110, Altair Aerial AA818 Plus, U818A HD Camera Drones RC Quadcopter with Video, Holy Stone HS120D, Syma X8G, Sky Viper V2400, and many others. You can buy these and other quality drones on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and specialized electronic stores such as BestBuy, and AerialTech.

  • Best Drones Under 500 Dollars

If your budget is a little bit above 200 dollars but less than 500 dollars, you can get fantastic drones such as Hubsan H501S, Uvify OOri, DJI Mavic Mini drone, Yuneec Mantis Q, and 3DR Solo. Again, these drones are available on Amazon and Walmart.

  • Best Drones Under 1000 Dollars

Drones that are above 500 dollars in price but less than a thousand dollars are excellent choices for recreation and commercial purposes. Both entry-level users and professionals can find applicable drones at this price range, and examples include DJI Spark, Parrot ANAFI, DJI Mavic Pro, and DJI Phantom 3 Standard.


Places to Buy Affordable Quality Drones

Tired to trying to find the right store, that happens to have your dream drone to on display and within your budget? Luckily for you, we create a shortlist of companies that might have the drone you are looking for at an affordable price. Have a look and see if you know any of the brands, buying from stores that you already know might reduce the risk of not knowing what to expect from them!

  • Walmart Drones

Drones on Walmart are categorized based on brand, price tag, customer ratings, and certain features such as water resistance, colours, and special offers. As such, you can easily arrive at which one you want to buy by filtering based on your preferences. Walmart’s drones are generally affordable and comprehensive enough to meet the demands of both professionals and novices.

  • Some Drones Amazon Sells

Amazon is another marketplace aside from Walmart, where you can buy quality and affordable drones. You can read reviews of whatever quadcopter catches your fancy on this platform from customers and make intelligent choices as to its purchase. Also, some drones on Amazon qualify for free shipping, thereby reducing the overall amount you spend in bringing it home. You can find Holy Stone fleet, camera drones, drones for kids, and other categories at affordable prices on this platform

  • Best Buy Drones

Beyond the sales of household appliances and electronics, Best Buy also has many affordable and quality drones for customers’ delight. And although their headquarters are in Minnesota, USA, they have international branches in Canada and Mexico to serve buyers in these regions. With them, you can find top-rated, affordable, and quality drones and accessories for whatever purpose you need it.


Get Amazing Drones Black Friday Deals

Another way you can get drones at discounted prices is to wait for Black Friday offers. During this time, which is usually in November, you can buy even drones above 1000 dollars at half their prices. The best Black Friday deals for drones are usually on big e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart, and you can keep checking beginning from the second week in November for the best deals.


What About Drones for Kids?

Interestingly, kids can also have and operate drones! Of course, a lot of factors come into play in determining what drones would be appropriate for kids. Apart from the price – which is very important – you would also want to be sure they are suitable for their age. The functionalities or features of such drones for kids have to be impressive, too. In essence, drones for kids serve the purpose of fun and entertainment and may not have all the sophisticated features of the other categories. As such, these are often cheaper and simpler than others. Examples of drones for kids include Snaptain SP330 Hovering Ball, Potensic A20, RED5 Motion Controlled Drone, Hubsan Nano Q4 SE, among others.


Professionals Drones for Advanced Users

Some activities may require professional drones with more advanced options. These drones have sophisticated features that make it easier to capture the necessary data, images, videos, and other forms of information. Drones in these categories typically have adequate spaces so the users can fix some items such as cameras needed to collect information. An example of a  professional drone is the underwater drones, which are uncrewed vehicles used underwater for surveying and gathering information.

The underwater drones are made explicitly of materials that do not get worn out by the water, and they have features to protect accessories such as the cameras and other parts from drowning. Researchers, law enforcement agencies, and some photographers make use of some advanced drones, otherwise called professional drones. They have great features that make data and observation collection very easy.


Do You Have Used Drones for Sale?

If you have a fairly-used drone that you wish to sell or exchange for a new one, you can pretty much walk into any of the drone dealers around you and sell. Of course, your used drones must not be significantly damaged or overstretched for you to qualify for sale or exchange. If the drone you want to get in exchange for your used one is pricier than the value of yours, you may need to add more money to get it. Some of the platforms you can sell your used drones include eBay, Drone Trader, Craiglist, Amazon, and others

Similarly, let’s say you don’t have all the money to purchase a brand new high-end drone; buying a used one can be another way of giving light to your dream. Most used drones still work very well like new ones, and you can save half the price of new ones by getting them. You can get used drones from Amazon, Drone Trader, DroneFax, and other retailers around.



Drones have different applications, and they are useful both indoors and outdoors. You can get drones quickly from any of the popular online shops, and with the availability of many types, you can always find the one that fits your needs. 

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  1. I will go for a drone under 200 dollars just to get the hang of things and not be sorry if/when I hit it. I surely need a lot of experience flying before I even tempt to fly a more expensive model.

    • Why not go for a DJI Tello? It’s around or under $100 in most places so it’s super inexpensive and it’s actually a good drone to start off with. Has a basic camera and is easy to fly. I highly recommend it. If I can fly it then anyone can.

      • The DJI Tello is great and an even cheaper (as in super cheap) alternative is the Eachine E010. Don’t let the unknown name fool you into thinking this is a bad model. It’s quite decent considering it costs a few bucks. Look it up and get one or even two (in case you hit one while learning to fly).

  2. I have a no name drone though and plan to buy the mavic mini soon. I’ve had a ton of fun shooting with the family and had zero issues with camera stability or with the landing (which scared me the most)

  3. I have a dji mini mavic and it’s more than enough for me. I’m not an influencer, I don’t even have an Instagram account, so I only use it when we go camping or when we travel. Have to agree, the drone industry is taking bolder and bolder steps towards innovation, I love it!

  4. My father asked me to look into agricultural drones. They not only analyze your crop but they can also be used for pest control, which is huge. We’re planning to invest in one or two drones, especially now that it is harder and harder to find people that are willing to work on a farm.

    • Hi Cameron,

      Glad you found our article about drones and their applications in 2020, we hope it helped you in your decision making.

      Kind regards,

  5. This is sick! I remember the days when people used to be super offended by drones and think they’re just invading their privacy. Now I can see drones everywhere, especially when I’m traveling.

    • Hi Wyatt,

      Yes, our attitudes towards technology change when we experience the benefits ourselves! However, in some cases, flying a drone where you shouldn’t get you in trouble so stay out of private spaces!!

      Kind regards,

    • Well, there still are plenty of people that hate drones since they can indeed invade their privacy. But there are also plenty of people that either don’t mind them as much or like them. And yes, you shouldn’t fly one in private spaces and should pay for doing so.

  6. I want to buy a drone for my youtube channel. Nothing fancy for starters, I have neither the budget or the skills. Will look into the models you’ve suggested, thanks a million!

    • Hi Justin,

      Well, how much do you earn with your channel and if you are registered as a company, you should invest a bit more because it will pay itself off if you can create captive content with it.

      Kind regards,

  7. Agreed. And drones will become very specialized and many improvements will be made to turn them into something very important for us all. Since the roads are so filled with cars and traffic is really bad, drones will be a much faster way of delivery. And I’m sure we’ll find new ways of using them to improve our lives.

    • Hi Laura,

      Can’t wait to see this happen, what do you want to see drones being used for more?

      Kind regards,

      • Anything really. Why not use them for everything they can handle? They could potentially free up our roads with less cars having to work on delivering things and also reduce toxins released by those cars.

  8. Drones will become something very used in the next few years. Among others, I feel they will be used to reach people in secluded areas to deliver all sorts of things. I’ve recently got a mini drone and have started learning how to fly. Once I get better I can move on to a more expensive drone. I think it would be interesting for you to do some comparisons between certain drones and mini drones. I know beginners would be interested in something like this.

    • Dear Danny,

      Thank you for your comment.
      We totally agree drones will become more and more important in our society.

      Good luck exploring the world of drones and safe flying 😉

      Kind regards,

  9. I’ve been thinking of buying a drone for an important life event happening next year (at least it gives me time to practice using it) — my main purpose for it would be to take pictures and videos. My friend told me to look for secondhand ones and I was a bit skeptical that a secondhand drone would be useful. I realized it still is considered a good buy if you just knew how it was handled previously (professional photographer looking to upgrade), that would be considered a good purchase!

  10. As someone who’s been wanting to purchase a drone for a good while now this post is a lifesaver. I just stumbled upon this looking for budget drones and I’m so glad you considered the population who doesn’t want to splurge on anything too grand. Even more awesome that you listed a place where we can look into used drones! Although I do want to buy something that’s new as I prefer warranty and after sales support from official stores.


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