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About to Get A Propel Drones? Read This First!

Propel Drones

The drones and quadcopter market are growing by leaps and bounds with increasing customer demand and expectations. The drone market customers now expect high-quality drone products with the latest features at competitive market prices. The wide variety of drones available in the market provide a diverse collection of products with different specifications, and the customers can choose the right one for themselves. However, any customer who is an enthusiast and can judge the machine’s quality by merely looking at it would know that only a few drones can provide the customer with an optimum experience. One of the members of this exclusive club is Propel Drones.

Propel Drones, one of the industry’s top manufacturers, is known for the precision they teach in producing their products. Thus, quality is uncanny and exceptionally high. They also undertake fool-proof measures to ensure that the customer has a flawless experience. As a result, the customer satisfaction rate of this company is relatively higher than the others.


There are Many Sizes of Propel Drones

A significant point of concern for many customers is the size of the drone. Whereas some customers want full-scale large drones, others are more interested in compact, smaller drones that can easily be maneuvered in tight spaces and are easy to fly specifically for the amateurs. Propel Drones have a soft corner for both groups of customers, and this is the primary reason they have come up with various sizes and weights in their product range. 

The palm-sized Atom drone is one of the best-selling ones. Apart from all the technical features, the drone is also known for its miniature size, making it easy to fly and go into tight spaces that other drones cannot access. The ease with which you can fly this drone is one reason it is popular amongst the younger lot who have just stepped into the industry. Propel drones can mostly take care of themselves. These are the best drones introduced in the industry for this purpose.


What about its Myriad of Other Useful Functions?

Propel Drones are best known for their numerous features, making the flying experience fantastic, exhilarating, and uncanny to their competitors. The drones usually lack the key elements that need to be present for a smooth flight. These drones include some ground-breaking features such as altitude control and a six-direction gyroscope. The 2.4GHz controller that comes with the drones makes control substantially easier and allows even the most naïve users to fly flawlessly. Bright LED lights make it easy to navigate the drone and provide a great look, especially when you fly it in the dark.

The drones use LiPo rechargeable batteries, which allow long flying times, but the charging time is minimal. These figures are better than the competitors and are one of the main reasons behind the Propel Drones’ success and high demand. These drones do not disappoint the photographers as well. The HD Cameras on almost all of the products of this range allows you to capture precise and mesmerizing. Likewise, videographers also seem to be entirely satisfied with the high-quality footage that these cameras record. Adventurists who like to perform stunts with these powerful machines have a special gift with the 360 degrees stunt roll abilities, a feature that is missing in many other drones.


Lest we Forget, Special Editions – Simply WOW!

What many drone manufacturers tend to ignore are the aesthetics and looks of their machines. However, propel drones pay special attention to this feature and have various special edition drones. They have the same robust, heavy-duty internals of the conventional propel quadcopter, but what makes them stand out and stuns the masses is their looks. One of the ranges that the company has rolled out is the Star Wars special edition. The shapes of the drones in this particular series are references to the starships in the series and hence hold a special place in the hearts of pilots who are fans of the show.

Similarly, the Batman fans were also pleased with the Batwing drones. This drone came in black color, and the shape was such that it reminded the fans of the iconic wings of the character. The black color also attracted customers as it was unique and reinforced the reference to the DC character.

Suggesting the perfect drone for a given customer is impossible, as one cannot provide a blanket statement. However, the things that pilots usually seek are; durability, smooth flying, long flying times, and to top it off; good looks. Propel Drones have all of these traits available and make one of the most likely choices of both professional pilots and beginners who want to pursue this hobby.


How about you Confirming with Customers’ Feedback?

There are many types of drones available in the market, having several shapes and sizes. It is good to go online and check with online reviews of experienced professionals and customers currently using the product. Look for comments under the comment section of sites where the purchaser can put his queries. It will give you a good idea of what to expect when buying a drone, and in which areas you can safely fly it. 


Check for prices and compare

The best prices are usually not available on the company’s websites. Third-party wholesalers like hobbytron.com and many others provide discounted options, various packages, and useful add-ons. Moreover, don’t forget to look for hot sales like black Friday and the holiday sales like Christmas.

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  1. Those special edition drones are to die for! I love it when a company does this. Especially when it comes to Star Wars items (I’m a big collector). I always want to buy something that is rare, I can’t explain why that is.

  2. I wouldn’t say that the camera on a Propel drone is amazing but it’s pretty good. Maybe I’m too pretentious but I think we can do a bit better. What I absolutely love is the stunt roll abilities. This alone makes a Propel drone a must own.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • I like the camera but that’s just me. Do I think they are the best cameras? No, surely not. But everything I have captured looks very nice and for me, that’s enough.

  3. All I can say is that the 2.4GHz controller makes things so easy for a beginner! So easy! This type of drone has everything a newbie (and most professionals) would need: it’s durable, flying is smooth and it looks great.

    • Hi Camilia,

      Thank you for your comment and we totally agree that having a 2.4GHz connection makes it a lot easier!

      Kind regards,

    • I have recently had a chance to fly a Propel drone and it was a very rewarding experience. This is just my third time flying a drone and my first one with a Propel drone. It was my best flying session yet. The drone does indeed control impeccably. Almost any beginner would find it easy to fly plus it can take a beating 😉

  4. By looking at comments or reviews from previous customers that has made all the difference in by drone purchase experience. Heck, even all the other gadgets or items I’ve bought. My brother purchased a propel drone from a reliable seller thanks to my help! He was so close to buying something secondhand from a dodgy person, I’m so glad I assisted him on the matter.

    • Hi Veronicea,

      Buying used drones is something we do not recommend. If you have to replace broken parts, you might as well buy a new drone.
      Hope you two found a drone that flies well!

      Kind regards,


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