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Are You Considering Buying Skywalker X8? Read This First!

skywalker X8 drone

There has been much positive feedback from customers worldwide based on the popular Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone because of the many new features introduced to it compared to the previous versions. The drone can travel up to about 3 miles away with the installation of highly visible CREE LED lights included as part of the features. With the availability of an optional ADS-B module for the Skywalker X8 Long Range, the emphasis on safety continues, enabling you to monitor all air traffic up to 30 miles away on the Project Planner computer.

The new Li-Ion battery pack, hand-built with high-quality Samsung Li-Ion cells, replaces the LiPo packs previously used for this drone. Although weighing 32 per cent less than the LiPo packs, the Li-ion pack is much higher quality, translating into more travel time.

The base model has a wingspan of 2122 mm, a range of about 2 miles (3.22 km), and, depending on operating conditions and payload, can fly continuously for about 1 hour. A flight controller operates it from Made in USA Pixhawk and can be configured on request with either Arupilot (default & recommended) or PX4.

Get to Know Some Exciting Features of Skywalker X8

  • Carries a payload of up to 1 kg (2lbs)
  • Professional industrial/scientific applications platform
  • Pixhawk 2.1 Flight Controller Made in the USA
  • Achieve flight time with a single charge of up to 60 minutes
  • Plan waypoints & flight routing in the program for Mission Planner / QGround Control
  • Detaching wings to allow fast transportation
  • Crafted from a solid, lightweight EPO material,
  • Configured with PX4 or Ardupilot

What are the benefits of Skywalker?

High Precision GPS

A high-quality US / Swiss produced Ublox NEO-M8N fitted with dual compasses is used by the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone, allowing for exact positioning. Please check our Skywalker X8 Long Range RTK option if you need even more precise positioning or intend to fly in areas where the regular GPS cannot lock on satellites (such as inside buildings).

Designed For Long Ranges

The Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone can be extended to 12 miles (20Km) with the optional RFD900x Telemetry Radio add-on listed at the bottom of the page.

High-quality Battery Li-Ion

We have started to manually create the battery packs for the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone using high-quality Samsung 18650 cells at our facilities. This battery pack weighs 32 per cent less than the previously used LiPo packs of the same size, giving you the same great power while saving weight that translates directly into extra flight time or payload.

Triple CREE LEDs

With a 3-mile range, the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone uses 3 CREE LED lights visible. These strong LED lights ensure that the Skywalker X8 Drone is easily visible from the ground, and also make it visible to other nearby aircraft. A red light shows at the top, green at the right, and white at the base.

Disadvantages of Skywalker

  • Cannot hover
  • Large takeoff and landing area
  • Less compact
  • Technically challenging to fly
  • More expensive
  • It does not come with its camera

What are the uses of Skywalker X8?

Mission Planner Software

Use a Google Maps GUI to draw route plans and monitor critical telemetry details in real-time with Project Planner apps for PC or MAC. On the home screen of the Mission Planner, live telemetry and flight data is shown, enabling you to control and track the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone and its systems as it flies.

Furthermore, you can customize APM settings in the program for your airframe and import mission log files to review them. The program for the Project Planner is open source, and thousands of contributors around the world are continually upgrading and developing it. Click here for more information on the Mission Planner or to download the app.

Open Source Software

The Pixhawk flight controller, a completely open-source Ardupilot flight control system, is used by the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone. Developers worldwide endorse this device, and it can be updated to take your Skywalker X8 Long Range to the next level.

Skywalker X8 Long Range Add-Ons

Hex Herelink Ground Station

  • The Herelink Transmission system brings your Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone to the next level.
  • Display a live HD video feed from the drone with a Google Maps GUI
  • The transmitter from Herelink increases the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone’s range to 12 miles (20 km)
  • The controller plus one HD camera mounted on the Skywalker X8 Long Range Drone is part of the Herelink Transmission system.

Is Skywalker X8 a Good Drone to Buy?

Based on people’s feedback, you can buy the X8 drone without entertaining any fear. The features are top-notch, and its battery gives some peace of mind for minimal distance. It’s an excellent machine to traverse the sky. You can read more about onedrone.com for other exciting drones that can also suit your other needs.

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  1. I have had my eye on a Skywalker X8 for a few weeks now but I am still not confident I can fly one without hitting a tree or something. I feel I still need to do a bit more flying with a $100 model. I already wrecked a few of those and it wasn’t a problem because they were cheap but wrecking a Skywalker would be another ball game altogether.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • I found Skywalker X8 to be very challenging to fly and I’m not a beginner. I would say I’m an intermediate. I had a chance to test it out and it doesn’t control as easily as I’d had hoped so keep that in mind. If you can, test it out before you buy it. You may realize that it’s not for you. There are other drones that are much more responsive and easier to control in my opinion.

  2. I wonder why it can’t hover. I mean why was this not possible for this model? And why doesn’t it have it’s own camera? I can’t believe they couldn’t add one on such a model.

  3. It can travel up to 3 miles and fly continuously for 1 hour?! WOW! That’s awesome! I think I know what I want for Christmas ;).

    • Hi Logan,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • Yeah, and it can also carry 1 kg of weight which I am using now to send small gifts to my friends. It’s pretty cool actually. I feel like I’m a little Amazon haha. The material from which it’s made is very sturdy and it will be resistant against most accidents or falls.

  4. Such a cool name: Skywalker X8. It’s really something. I’ve just ordered it and I am now waiting for it to arrive in a few days. I am very excited to fly it! I have some experience flying cheaper drones so I think I will manage it.

    • Hi Cesar,

      Great to hear that you ordered the Skywalker X8, we hope that our article assisted you in your decision making.

      Have fun flying the drone!

      Kind regards,

  5. It scares me to know there are regular people who just directly purchase items without reading reviews. It’s either they have a lot of cash to blow or they just want to be surprised. I work hard for my money! So I wouldn’t want to splurge on a Skywalker x8 without reading enough about it you know.

    • Hi Justin M.

      Yes, it scares us too that people buy without keeping in mind that a scammer could be behind the company.
      That is why we are promoting the use of reviews and their importance.

      Kind regards,

  6. I’m the type of person who needs to read a ton load of reviews before buying something especially when it comes to tech. This article was helpful and contributory to my passion for reading reviews! I see that Skywalker X8 is a bit challenging to fly but I think you’ll get used to it especially with all the other features packed into it. Then again I have a lot of thinking to do before buying this.


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