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All you need to know about a DJI Flight Simulator in a review!


During Air Works 2018, DJI first unveiled a new flight simulator in companies that sell drones to help train the increasing number of customer pilots and commercial pilots. For many different uses, the new DJI Flight Simulator enables pilots to test a range of other drones in various weather conditions. The purpose of the new DJI Flight Simulator is to safely train pilots before flying their drones using the equipment they would operate.

Why has this been created and used?

The DJI Flight Simulator was initially designed for the Enterprise drone line of DJI, but Spark, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire, and Matice drone series pilots can also use it. Using advanced physics engines, the DJI Flight Simulator gives the pilot the same flight characteristics of the drone they choose to fly. The simulator uses the drone’s actual remote, and the controls will function in the simulator identically as they do in real life.

In the simulator, pilots have the same three flight modes as they do in real life: location, attitude, and sport.

There are many points of view options for pilots, so the pilot can select an immersive experience, view the drone from the screen, or even experience a third-person view. You can fly and even determine simulated wind conditions and ground effects in a variety of different environments. With the DJI Flight Simulator, they also have an option if the pilot wants to experience a simulated crash.

What are the modes of the DJI Flight Simulator?

There are three unique modes in which a pilot can exercise with the DJI Flight Simulator: skills training, free flight, and application training.

  • Skills training helps pilots to learn skills, such as taking off, landing, and following routes. To hone their abilities, they are given flight lessons and tests.
  • Free flight enables pilots to fly freely and encounter varying situations in several different environments when doing so.
  • Application preparation facilitates unique roles for pilots, such as search and rescue or powerline inspection.

The new DJI Flight Simulator is an excellent tool to help practice and refine your piloting skills in a zero-risk environment. DJI developed it because they want to train pilots without having to risk costly equipment damage or failure. Before sending it out into the wild unknown, it has many fascinating uses and helps users get a better sense of their drone. The latest DJI Flight Simulator is well worth checking out in companies that sell drones, whether you have a brand new DJI Mavic 2 Zoom or a Matrice. Find out more here about the DJI Simulator in companies that sells drones.

What to look for in a drone flight simulator

  • Price

You have probably already spent several hundred to more than a thousand dollars on your latest drone, so it might not sound like an exciting prospect to have to pay a little more. The good thing is that we have a couple of free choices.

And if you need to spend a couple of dollars on a drone flight simulator, don’t you think it is worth the investment for peace of mind? Visit companies that sell drones for the available option that suits your budget.

  • Controller compatibility

If you have a drone already, then buy DJI from companies that sell drones that allow you to hook up your remote controller will be the best drone simulator choice. It is just about as hands-on as a flight simulator might be, as you can get a real understanding of how your orders are responded to by a drone.

  • Available drone models

Many drone simulators offer the choice of letting you fly with some of the most common drone models in the market. This exercise is perfect, even though you are still shopping for a drone. The feature will let you experience the efficiency of unique models of drones. Ultra-portable drones may be more vulnerable to drift, while larger drones may not be as maneuverable.

  • Scenarios and exercises

While most drone flight simulators give you an open environment where you can fly around freely, we are partial to those providing real flight exercises and scenarios where your abilities can be practiced. A successful drone flight simulator can provide a learning experience for both beginners and professional drone pilots, from simple maneuvers to real scenarios simulations.


Take Away

DJI Flight simulator is an excellent way of experiencing flight in real-time. Without sitting in the pilot’s seat, you can feel like one and learn so many things without exposing yourself to the risks. However, you need to stay in touch with people’s feedback about this product on a reputable review platform like CheckWithReviews to update yourself with the latest, especially during this coronavirus period.

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  1. I would recommend trying a flight simulator to anyone. Don’t try to fly a drone because chances are you will crash it. It’s mostly unavoidable for new pilots. Start off slowly and grow your confidence and your skills.

  2. The controller is very important or at least that’s how it was for me. It takes me a while to get used to another controller. I’ve gotten so used to mine that it’s become second nature.

  3. Without the DJI Flight Simulator I wouldn’t have learned how to properly fly a drone. I would have surely had a few crashes but since I’ve had them in simulation, I learned from them and when I had my first, real drone, nothing bad happened until now.

    • Hi Mary T.,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • I also learned a lot by doing the simulations. I learned how to control my drone in windy weather and how to avoid crashes as much as possible. When I switched to a real drone I only had the one crash which wasn’t that bad overall so it’s all good.


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