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About Battle Drones Unreal Moves and Great Power

battle drones

Security agencies use various types of drones to spy and check their jurisdiction’s security situation. Nonetheless, a large chunk of the customer base still uses it for recreational purposes and activities, and an example of such is the battle drone.


Do these drones Really battle? 

Battle drones are different from your everyday drones because they have explicitly designed these for use in aerial drone battles. You can use them however you please, but they are most suitable for aerial warfare with your buddies. Battle Drones are more agile, fast, elegant, and sturdy than your average drone. You can crash these hundreds of times, and they will fly again. Keep away from water, though. Children primarily use these particular drones for doing various fights such as laser battles etc. Such is the level of challenge in this pastime that not just children, but even younger adults use them. 


Record Your Battles

These drones have high-definition cameras installed in these drones. They cannot just capture pictures but also record high-quality videos at frame rates as high as 60 frames per second. Moreover, the resolution can also be enriched and enhanced up to 1080 pixels. It means that you can record high-quality and clear footage and watch it live on the remote-controlled camera link. In addition to that, some of the drones, such as the Nexus Laser Battle Drone, comes with a 4-gigabyte memory card, which allows you to keep your pictures and videos safely. The availability of these cameras is a point of interest for many people and is one of the key reasons they purchase this machine.


Lightweight, Yet Durable

Even the most daring and enthusiastic pilots choose not to play around dangerously with their drones because these costly machines are very vulnerable. Even the slightest crash can damage them and lead to malfunctioning. Even the thought of any such event to a device that has cost substantially gives one goosebump; thus, they abstain from flying dangerously. However, these adventurists can easily show-off their skills or even practice and hone them on Battle drones as they come with a lightweight and durable design. These drones are usually made out of more rigid silicone or plastic, which means that it wouldn’t break even if it crashes, nor would the key components such as the propellers get damaged as the body absorbs the shocks. 

Battle drones such as the Air Wars drones go a step ahead in endurance and durability as they have enclosed, rather encaged designs which ensure that no matter how many times the drone hits the other drones or the objects in the surrounding, it does not get damaged. It guarantees the parents who are reluctant to buy a flying machine for their children that their money would not go down the drain with a slight hit. 


Unreal Moves, Great Power

As the name suggests, battle drones must be a little more aggressive and assertive than the normal ones as they have to bear a lot during the small battle sessions. Manufacturers try to make drones that meet this criterion by adding robust and rigid components to these machines. The Nexus drone is one example of this power and quality. The 2.4GHz transmitter that comes with the device guarantees a smooth and flawless flying experience and provides a distant reach. The built-in gyroscope with 4.5 channels can lead to easy and stable maneuvering.

Great moves such as 360-degree turn and 180-degree flips can surprise opponents as they are very haphazard and give the pilot an edge over their competitors. However, performing these impressive moves is not a problem, as the controllers provide particular buttons to get the movement done. Flying times in battle drones is another thing that doesn’t fail to impress the masses. Batteries, as large as 1000mAh, are installed in these drones, which charge in merely an hour and can provide up to 30 minutes of seamless and smooth flight. 


Not Your Everyday Looks

Usually, the customers are not concerned about a drone; thus, they neglect this aspect of their products. However, battle drones are not one of the simple-looking, ugly drones. They are embedded with LED lights and exciting stickers and emblems, which are the center of attraction, particularly for younger audiences. The colors of these drones are also chosen wisely to attract a particular target market. 

As a whole, battle drones are an exciting and lovable toy which are now gaining demand exponentially. When combined with the powerful internals, their looks are heaven for all adventurists and pilots who love to fly dynamically. 


Where to buy the best Battle drones?

Be it Battle Drones or any other; there are so many discounted prices and offers available on the internet. The e-commerce market is similar to your local marketplace since you get different prices from different shop owners. It is a good idea to check multiple websites for prices to compare them. There are many deals, offers, and promotions on wholesale retailer websites that one can easily find by searching for them. 

Moreover, sites like Hobbytron.com and other online retailers are selling drones from several companies at once that can help you make an informed decision about a purchase. Try to avail exceptional discounts on Black Fridays, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and Easter Holidays. There is a good chance of you finding just the right promotional offer for your drone purchase. 


What about reviews?

Reviews are an excellent place to start whenever you are looking to buy something online. You can benefit from the experience of consumers who are already using these products instead of going through an unpleasant experience yourself. Check with reviews with tech websites and read professional blogs on drones before committing to a company and its products. 

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  1. I grabbed a great deal on Christmas, one a very reliable and durable (hopefully) drone. It doesn’t make sense to buy a drone when there aren’t any promotions (like Christmas, Halloween and other special days).

    • Yeah, the discounts are great in most cases, although it’s a good idea to shop around and see which stores have the best prices. Sometimes a 50% discount might not end up being better than a 25% discount, for the same product, at a different store.

  2. I want to get a battle drone in the very near future. If no one gifts one to me this Christmas (hope my girlfriend is reading this haha), I’m going to get one in January I think. I had my eye on a few for a while and I just need to figure out which one is a better fit for me. I know all are good, durable, lightweight and have good battery life.

  3. It’s impressive to see drones that are so light being so darn durable. I mean, I wasn’t expecting this level of durability. I know we should be careful with them and make sure we don’t hit branches or other things but I do that all the time. Never have I once had problems with my drone. Not saying it won’t happen and I’m not actively searching for trouble 🙂 but they are durable.

    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you for sharing your comment, we appreciate it!

      Kind regards,

    • I noticed that as well. While I don’t hit my drone as often as you seem to do, I do hit it from time to time and it handled it well until now. I actually hit it once really badly and I thought I would have to get it fixed but it was ok.

      • They might cost a few dollars (more than others) but they are worth it especially if you’re a beginner and are bound to fly into a tree or something. That’s what happened with me when I was learning to fly a drone. I hit a bunch of trees and a few buildings as well and yet my drone took the hits and barely showed any marking from these hits.

  4. What’s awesome about these battle drones (among other things) is the fact that batteries charge so quickly. An hour is nothing and for each hour of charging you get 30 minutes of flight; that’s pretty cool right there. I can’t wait to get drones that can fly for 4-5 hours at a time. That would be something.

  5. Oh how technology has progressed, from bull rings to this. I am amazed that drones can do such a feat though, but I will not deny that I would definitely watch something like this especially if I know the people competing. I love how drones have a recreational purpose and professional side, a lot of sides of the population served as I would call it.

    • Hi Nikki,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, we have created quite a few amazing things but tech also has it downfalls!
      At least this kind of tech gets us out the door!

      Kind regards,

  6. Would battle drones be considered drones on the pricier segment? I would think they are as they seem to be a purchase done if you make a living out of videos or battle drones but if you’re an average person that would be considered a splurge! It looks entertaining though, I’ve seen it a couple of times. I don’t think battle drones are for me but I would definitely be entertained as an onlooker.

  7. Honestly I clicked on the article because I couldn’t believe there were such a thing as battle drones. I always thought drones as something to survey the land or take a picture or video for you. I never thought it could be used for something as battle, but man is that cool! I am going to check more videos on this, hopefully I don’t get sucked in to buying one. What an expensive hobby drones are. LOL


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