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T16-20L Drones

What are T16-20L Drones?

Drones are becoming more intelligent and versatile day by day. With advancements in technology due to millions of dollars of investment in R & D, entrepreneurs and innovators are developing specia...Read More

About The T1 620L Drones

More About The T1 620L Drones

There is no doubt that drones are becoming more popular day by day as they become more advanced and integrated with our technology. The most astonishing new arenas that drones are performing well in i...Read More

About DJI Terra

About DJI Terra

Drones came from being vehicles of military awe and power to the plaything of the average user. In the drone market, you can find drones for under twenty dollars to detect objects around it and easily...Read More

About P4 Multispectral

What to Know About P4 Multispectral

Agriculture is an activity that people used to consider to be conventional and old-school. But with advancements in technology, we begin to see much more of machines on the farms than humans. With sta...Read More

About Phantom 4 RTK

Get to Know About Phantom 4 RTK

All types of drones are now being used for important and valuable tasks like filming, photography, landscaping, scouting, surveillance, delivery of stuff, etc. But the number of users who want to have...Read More

Logo of scorpiondrones.com for online reviews about scorpiondrones

Is ScorpionDrones.com a good store to buy drones from?

Purchasing a valuable item such as drones for ScorpionDrones is something customers have to ponder about. It is especially true when the drone is being purchased for industrial purposes as they are ev...Read More

the Huawei P40 Pro

The Huawei P40 Pro might just be the best smartphone of 2020!

Huawei p40 series are high-end mobile phones invented by Huawei. The frame of the P40 is made with anodized aluminum, and it’s back is covered with gorilla glass. In 2020, the best and affordabl...Read More

huawei p40 lite

Can’t afford the premium P40 pro? Then check out the Huawei P40 Lite!

Huawei p40 lite is the latest and most affordable smartphone in the family of Huawei p40. Moreover, P40 lite runs on the fastest Android V10 operating system and EMUI 10 (User Interface), which makes ...Read More

huawei p40 pro plus

Buy the Huawei P40 Pro or the Huawei P40 Pro Plus? Here are the difference between the two!

The Huawei p40 Pro handset is from Huawei p40 high-end series invented by Huawei in 2020. Moreover, this phone has a lot of good going for it. It comes with the ease of use because of its softer and r...Read More


What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

There’s no doubt that the rise of the internet has many advantages. It has allowed you to discover, access, and share information anywhere you are and in just a matter of seconds. Today, you can also ...Read More